Structural Engineering Services in Karachi

Noshay Enterprises is a Karachi-based company that was founded in 2018. We are governed by a Board of Governors who guarantees that the firm runs smoothly and is guided by a solid set of values that prioritize client satisfaction.

Located in the business and industrial sectors of Karachi, Noshay Enterprises provides building services in Karachi, interior services in Karachi, and exterior products and services near me. It is our goal to provide exceptional customer service at a level that a customer expects.

Our Mission

As part of our mission, we provide safer and more creative structural design solutions experts near me, assess structural designs for economy and code compliance, and extend the life of existing structures.

Our Vision

We hope to become one of the country’s leading structural engineering businesses by providing safer design and construction, value engineering, vetting, and retrofitting solutions to the community of Karachi.

Services and Products

These are some services and products we offer in structural engineering:

  • Aluminium Motorized Shutters near me.

  • Automatic roller shutter.

  • Automatic shutter gate.

  • Polycarbonate shutters near me.

  • Aluminum Manual Shutters services in Karachi.

  • G.I Motorized shutters in Karachi.

  • G.I Manual Shutters in Karachi.

  • Perforated & Powder-coated Shutters near me

  • Grill shutters experts near me.

  • Folding shutters in Karachi.

Ware House Structure in karachi
Ware House Structure
Industrial structure near me
Industrial Structure
Super market structure in karachi
Super market structure

Our Structural engineering Philosophy

Architectural design systematically examines a structure’s stability, strength, and rigidity. The primary goal of structure design is to create a structure that can withstand all applied loads for the duration of its intended life. 

A structure’s principal function is to transfer or support loads. If the structure is incorrectly designed or constructed in Karachi, the device will almost certainly fail to perform its intended purpose or if the exact tensile stresses exceed the design specifications. The likelihood of costly breakdowns is considerably reduced when a structure is well-engineered


Even before the structural, mechanical, and electronic systems are finalized, our structural engineer joins the project as soon as possible. We may contribute vital information to these decisions, dealing with issues such as:

Type of Construction in Karachi

The selection of our structural system (Frame, Bearing Walls, Etc.) depends on the function and dimensions of the building, as limited by the Building Code and the local availability and cost of each material.

Floor and Roof Penetrations services in Karachi

We offer special framing to accommodate stairs, elevators, mechanical chases, exhaust fans, and other openings.

Exterior Cladding near me:

The building envelope defines the appearance of the facility and serves as the bridge between the inside and outside worlds. It must resist wind and other weather effects while permitting people, light, and air to pass through openings such as doors and windows.

Equipment and Utility Arrangements

Large equipment including the Air Handling Units, Condensers, Chillers, Boilers, Transformers, Switchgear, etc.) and suspended utilities (Ductwork, Piping, Light Fixtures, Conduits, Cable Trays, Etc.). However, it requires adequate support, especially in areas subjected to tectonic activity that can cause considerable horizontal forces.

Column Locations

We provide a uniform grid that facilitates repetitive member sizes, reducing the cost and increasing the speed of construction. Bay proportions can also save money on materials while fitting special space needs such as parking garages and partition layouts.

Modifications to Existing Buildings

We Change the type of roof or roofing material, add new equipment, and remove load-wall renovation measures that require structural input.

Cover Shades consultants in Karachi

We offer the following shades services:

Parking Shades

A parking shade is a beautiful product to keep your vehicles in the hot and warm summer of Karachi. Our system designs, manufactures, and installs lightweight shade structures that are still aesthetic to the eyes and surroundings.

Pool cover shades

We install interestingly shaped sails in various unique angles, giving a pool a very edgy and modern look.

Sail Sunshades

It is a device to form outdoor shade based on the basic technology as a ship’s sail. We use a flexible membrane tensioned between several anchor points, generally installed permanently.

Tensile Fabric Shade near me

We install tensile fabric shading structures strategically designed to act as extremely powerful structural components that are economically viable and specific to a specific area and offer full shade and protection.

Window awnings and canopies consultants near me

It is a secondary covering attached to the wall outside of a building. With the addition of columns, an awning turns into a canopy, extending further from a building, as in the case of an entrance to a hotel.

Manufacturing of expansion joint systems and bridge bearing pads near me

Rainbow Rubber has been working on bridges, flyovers, and flyover components such as Elastomeric Joint Cushions, Expansion Joints Systems, and Elastomeric Profile Strips since 1968. We are incredibly pleased to capture 80 percent of Pakistan’s structure projects due to the tremendous demand for our high-quality products. We’ve seen a lot of progress in the creation of rubber-based products. Our skilled and technical designers have a significant impact on maintaining the high quality of our products.

Our Goals

Our mission is to be Pakistan’s and the world’s best manufacturers of bridge load-carrying pads, bridge fittings, and water stoppers.

Our purpose

We will be the greatest by being innovative, original, and customer-focused, effectively manufacturing high-quality items and providing solutions.

Our Fundamental Principles

We maintain a high level of customer satisfaction by exceeding their expectations consistently.

Adding Value

We build customer and supplier relationships centered on the development and maximization of value for all stakeholders.

Each other’s respect

It recognizes and appreciates the importance of transparency, trust, teamwork, diversity, and all employees’ full participation and dedication.

The Environment and Safety

We focus on safety and environmental obligations and a strong desire to send all workers home.

Cover Shades

We offer the Cover Shades service, including;

  • Parking Shades in Karachi.

  • Pool cover shades near me

  • Sail Sun Shades experts near me

  • Tensile Fabric Shade

  • MS structure shades

  • Window awnings and canopies.


Parking Shades in karachi
Parking Shades
Pool cover shades in karachi
Pool cover shades
Sail Shades in karachi
Sail Shades
Sun shades near me karachi
Sun shades
Tensile Fabric Shade in karachi
Tensile Fabric Shade
Structural servies in Karachi
MS structure shades
Window awnings and canopies near me
Window awnings and canopies

Our Mission

The mission of our company is to provide a broad range of high-quality engineering and construction services to meet the needs of professional engineers, as well as to inspire and develop human resources to demonstrate their engineering expertise to clients, namely:

  • Exceeding Expectations

  • Optimizing Solutions

  • Increasing the value of something

These high professional standards represent our idea that good construction is a vocation and a clear organizational mission must guide that performance:

  • A commitment to excellent project management that is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

  • Courteous, enthusiastic, and sensitive to customer needs, with service limitations

Our Philosophy

With high-quality, cost-effective engineering solutions, we serve our valued clients. This strategy includes continuous communication with our customers to ensure that everyone is on the same page about the project’s objectives. The concepts outlined below serve as a foundation for our work. Strong dedication to high-quality service and continuous improvement, focusing on listening to clients and giving the best solution to serve them better.

  • Extensive client cooperation and service

  • Because of our multi-disciplined, self-motivated human resources, we can put together the best team for each job.

Our Management

We are committed to fulfilling the requirements of Integrated Management Systems for Quality, Environment, and Occupational Health and Safety in all aspects of its engineering consultancy business. By internationally recognized management system standards, ensuring that the contents are implemented, maintained, and understood throughout the company, and will be made available to interested parties upon request. 

We ensure that our engineering consultants meet these requirements by minimizing adverse environmental effects, preventing and controlling pollution, and maximizing energy and resource efficiency. We adhere to all relevant regulations, legislative, contractual, and other necessities, and interpret them whenever possible.



As a building and exterior materials and services provider, Noshay Enterprises offers interior and exterior materials. Electrical contracting, civil, electronic, mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, and security solutions are all areas of expertise for S.M.Engineering. The Rainbow Rubber Company has specialized in bridges, flyovers, and flyover components since 1968. That’s why they are specialized in structural engineering services in Karachi.