What Is the Legal Age to Buy Vape Products in Florida

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“There will remain problems of potentially underage teens getting their hands on these products if there are no consistent compliance checks from retailers,” said Tiffany Henderson of the American Heart Association. On October 1, 2021, Florida introduced a new statewide law that raises the minimum age to purchase tobacco and nicotine products from 18 to 21. The new Tobacco 21 Directive also covers the sale of e-cigarettes. As with traditional cigarettes or smokeless tobacco, the legal age to buy an e-cigarette in Florida is now 21. Gov. Ron DeSantis signed an executive order last week that raises the age to buy tobacco and nicotine products from 18 to 21. The bill has received strong support from both sides of the political aisle in the Florida legislature, but public health groups remain staunchly opposed. The sale/distribution of nicotine delivery devices or nicotine products to persons under 21 years of age (unless active military personnel) is prohibited. § 569.41(1) (2022) Hutson said the law addresses a critical concern: keeping nicotine products away from children. The main source of fierce opposition from health authorities is that the legislation removes local and county authority to regulate teen smoking and transfers it to the state`s Department of Business and Professional Regulation, which they say will not be as effective at calling retailers who sell these products to people under 21. A bill sponsored by Sen.

Travis Hutson, R-St. Augustine, and signed Friday by Gov. Ron DeSantis removes local restrictions on the retail sale of tobacco and nicotine products. Daytona Beach, for example, has an ordinance that restricts outdoor advertising and sponsorship of tobacco products. And Flagler and St. Johns County restrict where flavored tobacco products can be displayed in stores. The sale of nicotine products requires a consumer certificate, verification of certification by the retailer, notification of the consumer`s age limit for purchase, telephone confirmation of shipment to the consumer, and the use of a delivery service that verifies the age of the person accepting the delivery. Internet sales require prior payment by credit card by the consumer.

§ 569.45 (2022) “We worked with opponents of the previous bill and found common ground early on,” Hutson said Monday. “There were two issues with the bill by the governor`s veto last year: the taste ban and the designation of a vape product that contains nicotine but is not tobacco. We stopped calling it tobacco. A new national survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration shows that millions of teens say they use e-cigarettes. The study found that more than 2 million middle and high school students vaped, a quarter of them daily. The bill also provides an exemption for members of the U.S. military, though the Department of Defense has changed the legal age for smoking in the military to 21.

Self-service displays of nicotine products or dispensers are prohibited in areas accessible to persons under 21 years of age (unless active military personnel), except for sales made under the direct control or line of sight of the dispenser or through vending machines equipped with a retailer-controlled locking device. Section 569.37 (2022) The bill would raise the state`s legal age for smoking and vaping to 21, a threshold already set in federal law. It would also create a government regulatory framework for the sale of e-cigarettes. The minimum age to buy tobacco and nicotine products — such as vaping devices — increases to 21 on Oct. 1, but that`s only half the story behind a new Florida law. This decision brings Florida into compliance with existing federal laws. It is also an important step for public health. Research shows that raising the legal age to buy tobacco and nicotine can reduce the number of adolescents and young adults who start smoking, with immediate health benefits and reducing smoking-related deaths. [1] SB 1080, the new regulation that sets the minimum age for the purchase of tobacco and nicotine products at 21, contains new restrictions for retailers selling tobacco and nicotine products such as cigars, cigarettes or e-cigarettes. Gov. Ron DeSantis signed SB 1080 on Friday, raising the legal age to buy nicotine or tobacco to 21 to align with federal law.

“Years of continued state inaction in regulating tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, require strong local laws that truly protect our children from lifelong addiction,” the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network said in a statement this week. “Florida`s children deserve effective protection so they don`t become even more vulnerable to industry and its predatory practices. And our communities have the right, freedom and responsibility to protect them, especially when the state does not. “I feel like raising the age to 21 is really unfortunate because we`ve waited so many years to be able to buy tobacco products, only to be turned away,” said Kenyelle Porter, a Tallahassee resident. “Now I`m 20 years old and suddenly I can`t buy tobacco products, so it`s very unfair and I think it`s a growing problem.” The Simmons Bill defined e-cigarettes – vaping products – as tobacco products, consistent with the federal definition. The FDA defines e-cigarettes as tobacco products. That`s what Simmons Bill did. That is not the case with this bill. It separates nicotine products as if they were different, separate, and somehow better,” Quinby explains. “We have over 300 municipalities, 67 counties, and if people had multiple stores and sold multiple products, and if multiple communities could file multiple different bylaws, it would be impossible for people to do business,” he said.

LAWSUIT: Volusia School District seeks damages from companies that make and market vape pens Part of that reduction could be due to health problems after teens surfaced in 2019 from teens who were hospitalized and, in some cases, died after vaping. The New York Times reported last fall that many of these cases were linked to vaping cannabis products mixed with certain chemicals – they are highly addictive, and since we find that nicotine levels in vaping products are not controlled, this is of great significance as they are at risk of lifelong addiction. Not only because of the physical impact, but also because we are going through a mental health crisis that is of great concern to young people,” said Robin Koval, CEO and President of Truth Initiative. This change will affect not only consumers of these products, but also distributors of tobacco products and nicotine. According to the summary of the law on the Florida Senate website, age verification is required before selling tobacco or nicotine products to “individuals who appear to be under 30 years of age.” Once approved by the ministry, a merchant can use card readers, readers or other electronic or automated systems to verify that a person is of legal age to purchase tobacco products instead of a calendar. Failure to comply with this subsection will result in the imposition of administrative penalties under section 569.006. Devon Taylor, an employee at the Just Relax Vape, Smoke and CBD Oil store on South Atlantic Avenue in Daytona Beach, said he personally believes the 21-year-old age restriction is incompatible with other definitions of adulthood. But he also sees an interest in raising the age.

But the bill has drawn opposition from some major health groups, at least in part, because it would prevent local regulations on things like the marketing and sale of tobacco and vaping products. The state of Florida is officially increasing the age restriction for all smoking and vaping products from 18 and older to 21 and older. This change will take effect on Friday, October 1. “While the American Lung Association supports increasing the age and sales of tobacco products to 21, we don`t want to do so while undermining the work underway in various communities to adopt and implement best practices in tobacco prevention and control,” said Ashley Lyerly. lobbyist for the association, during a phone call Monday. The Florida House of Representatives passed SB 1080 by a vote of April 103 through April 13 The bill has been criticized by some health groups, in part because it prevents local regulations on the sale and marketing of nicotine products. Earlier this month, the FDA delayed its decision on whether to ban the most popular e-cigarette products. While the numbers have been even higher in previous years, the agencies say that due to the pandemic, these numbers cannot be compared to this year`s numbers.

Because the children were at home, they had limited access to vaping products. TAMPA, Florida In an effort to reduce teen vaping, Florida lawmakers have passed a law that raises the state`s legal age for vaping or smoking tobacco from 18 to 21. Florida`s House of Representatives on Wednesday gave final approval to a bill that would regulate the sale of e-cigarettes and raise the state`s legal age for the use of tobacco and vaping products from 18 to 21. The law went into effect at 12:01 p.m., meaning it`s illegal in Florida for anyone under the age of 21 to buy, possess or smoke tobacco and nicotine products, including e-cigarettes. Lyerly of the American Lung Association claims that this spin-off company violates federal law that increases sales of tobacco and nicotine products to 21, which specifically prohibits exemptions. Governor DeSantis vetoed a similar bill last year, his main objection being that it bans the sale of flavored liquid nicotine products used in vaping. In May, Governor Ron DeSantis signed SB 1080, which raises the legal age to purchase nicotine and tobacco products to 21. This new change aligns Florida`s legal age to purchase these products with the age set by federal law in 2019.