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Do not leave this website without letting us know what you think of these Vodacom vacancies in the comments section. You can also subscribe to our free email updates. Vodacom is one of the leading mobile operators in South Africa, and if you are looking for Vodacom jobs in South Africa, this article is for you. In this article, we will discuss Vodacom careers, Vodacom job postings in South Africa, Vodacom jobs in Gauteng, Vodacom 2022 job postings, Vodacom job postings, Vodacom South Africa careers, Vodacom early careers, Vodacom careers and Vodacom job openings. Spectrum modelling (long-term forecast of spectrum demand in each market under different scenarios). Group spectrum strategy (use of forecast requirements, definition and update as required Vodacom Group`s spectrum strategy specifies opportunities to optimize existing assets through redevelopment and other techniques, and defining the roadmap for new spectrum acquisition opportunities and supporting their implementation). Responsible for representing technology in regulatory investigations, as required, providing spectrum-related technical advisory services (e.g., assessing the impact of regulatory consultations and developing counter-proposals, assisting in other generic technology regulatory issues). Support markets in the deployment of viable new technologies, such as 5G. Support markets for advanced network sharing technologies, including representation of technology in regulatory and legal investigations as required and provide technical advisory services related to network sharing (e.g., drafting technical briefs to clarify matters to legal counsel to support the development of legal advice). Support the agreement process, reduce risk, review contracts, provide technical input to contracts, etc.). Secondly, you can also go through the application process HERE: www.vodacom.com. 5.

Communicate effectively and maintain strong relationships at all levels of the company in accordance with strategies agreed with line management. These include: Work closely with the Group Technical Director`s Office and the Group`s Technology Strategy to define and support Vodacom Group`s technology strategy from an architectural perspective. Be able to communicate at all levels within the organization through documented results tailored to the specific project or initiative, engagement, target audience and desired outcome. This can include written documents, presentations, memoranda, meetings, workshops, etc. Leads and mentors technology architecture managers and senior specialists in requesting and providing peer reviews and advice on initiatives and outcomes. Compilation of reporting information to be presented to all levels of management, with particular emphasis on reporting at the senior management and director levels. Vodacom`s various organizations cover a population of more than 289 million people. Through Vodacom Business Africa (VBA), we offer regulated administrations to companies in 51 countries. Vodacom takes the lion`s share of Vodafone (60.5% stake), one of the world`s largest correspondent organizations by revenue. We employ previously disadvantaged groups at all levels and in all occupational groups in meaningful positions. We also employ a wide range of development programs to empower and develop our employees across the company.

4. Design strategic directions and architectural leadership, and promote and execute technical input for the acquisition of new technologies and systems through various supply chain management (SCM) processes. Vodacom Financial Services has been identified as an acceleration unit within the Vodacom Group. The objective is to expand the range of products and diversify the customer base. The purpose of this role is to build a market position by locating, developing, defining, trading, closing and maintaining a thorough knowledge of current market conditions. Vodacom is currently looking for enthusiastic, spirited and dedicated individuals to join them in their quest to become the leading digital services company in Africa. I hope this article will give you the information you need about training and development and other aspects that will help you take your career to the next level. Technology 1.To Leads and leads key strategic initiatives from an architectural perspective that provides thought leadership or strategic direction by working with Technology and any other relevant BUs and aligning them (as required) to provide technical and non-technical advice for a specific area of interest.