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202 likes, 19 comments. TikTok video from cp_nelegal (@cp_nelegal): “Спроси как дела у этого челго чела на прокэте BlackRussia ссылка в профиле #BlackRussia #блекраша #Pringoooals #drifter_nelegalniy #ТвоёЛетоТвоёВремя #fyp”. Я популярный. Quote Monica (Angel Locsin): “Who are you to deliver Adrian? Last time I checked, I`m still the legal wife. Do you have a lifeline? That`s because Adrian is free. » 7.4K likes, 22 comments. TikTok video of Алиночка!!! (@alinehughesss): “#POV: Тебе говорили, что ты слишком глупая и точно не сможешь поступить на вышку, но теперь ты учишься в лучшем вузе страны 💅🏻 #legallyblonde”. – Ты пришла сюда, чтобы встретиться со мной? | – Нет, глупенький! | – Я учусь тут | . Its original.

Nicole angrily replies, “Well, you don`t have to be gay? I know you. It doesn`t matter to you. I know you`re a picon and you don`t lose. I know, e. I know why you came back because you already knew Adrian. And just like a vengeful, unhappy and embittered ex-wife, `di mo matanggap na sa akin napunta si Adrian. Monica hits Nicole several times to silence her. Adrian`s wife shouts to Nicole, “Walang sa`yo, Nicole! Akin lang ang asawa ko! » TikTok video by nelegal_hotwheels (@nelegal_hotwheels): “#fyp #hotwhellscars #hotwhelecolection #hotwhels #машинки #fypシ #pvptoxico”. круто получилось | RLC – Red Line Club HWC-HotWheelsCollectors. MOUSTACHE (feat.

Netta). During the April 24 episode, Monica discovers the affair between her husband Adrian and her best friend Nicole. Monica rushes to Nicole`s house in the middle of the night to confront her best friend after discovering her affair with Adrian. What are your favorite lines from The Legal Wife? Feel free to share them in the comments below. Monica suddenly grabs Nicole`s hair, but she is pulled back by Mark Gil`s character and a maid. The angry woman also grabs her shoes and throws them at Nicole. TikTok video by ⚡️LEGAL GRAFFITI⚡️ (@legal_graffiti). Kicks (Old School Gang Beat). Monica replies incredulously, “Whoa! Sa`n galing lahat ng selos? Sino ka ba para ibakuran si Adrian? Last time I checked, ako pa rin ang legal wife. Ikaw? “Di ko kasi alam kung ano ka ba ni Adrian.

Can taning ka ba sa buhay be tanged? Kasi atat na atat ka maging malaya si Adrian. “Wag kang mag-alala, konting tiis na lang dahil makukuha ko na ang annulment na gusto ko. Pero sa ngayon Nicole, wag kang umasta na ikaw ang dehado. The Legal Wife is one of the most talked about television series on local television dealing with infidelity. It had a slow start, but interest in the series peaked when the plot focused on adultery between a married man and his mistress. In this drama series, Angel Locsin brings to life Monica, the legal wife of Jericho Rosales` character Adrian. Adrian`s possessed lover named Nicole is portrayed by Maja Salvador. TLW became the most-watched prime-time show from May 17 to 23, according to Nielsen Philippines. In the same June 6 episode, Nicole asks her best friend Rowena (Leon`s Matet) why Monica is still in Adrian`s life. Nicole insists it`s all about her and Adrian now.

Monica calmly replies, “I know you, di ako magtataka kung talagang sinadya mong pumunta rito. Dahil alam mong nandito kami ng asawa ko. Gusto mong akitin ulit si Adrian. In fact, tingnan mo suot mo. Pina-imbestigahan mo ba yung isusuot ko para lapitan ka ng asawa ko? In addition, many shared about their FB status how they became paranoid and feared that the same could happen to their married life. Over the past 5 months, The Legal Wife has really had a huge impact on its viewers. Because this popular TV series will air its final episode on June 13, 2014. I decided to immortalize some of his heartbreaking lines and quotes so fans can always remember them.

Maybe you use it whenever the need arises, and you know what I mean by that. Nicole tries to appeal to their friendship and calls her “Best”, her tenderness for her best friend, but Monica angrily asks her, “Masarap ba? Masarap ba ang asawa ko? ⚡️» LEGAL⚡️ GRAFFITI (@legal_graffiti) on TikTok During the episode, dubbed “The Betrayal,” Adrian and Nicole have a drinking session that turns into a passionate affair. Nicole makes the first step by suddenly kissing Adrian on the lips. He grabs her by the shoulder and kisses her back with all his strength. Tension rises when Monica makes a surprise visit to the station and heads to the area where the two were last seen. However, the woman only sees the empty bottles, as the two are already undressing in a room. When Monica turns to leave, a station employee gives her a significant warning: “Ingat ka, maraming magnanakaw diyan sa labas. The Legal Wife`s ability to present themes such as infidelity and betrayal is generally expressive, creative, and fun, making the series very cathartic for viewers who may not be able to say the same lines in real life but want to. It could also explain why the show`s lines have become an integral part of pop culture. In fact, Angel and Maja`s confrontational scenes in The Legal Wife have become a rich source of internet memes and quotes.

If this prime-time series airs this Friday, 13. June, at its end, let`s look back at these memorable quotes from The Legal Wife: TikTok video of no DRIFT no Fun (@no.drift.nofun.illegal): “Вот что с людьми происходит когда очень долго строят Корча;) ↪️ @nelegal56 #jdm #Форсаж #Nissan #skayline”. оригинальный звук. To which Rowena replies: “Sige ! E `di umalis ka! Pero tatandaan mo `to — hindi kita pinapalayas, ha. Wala kang pinakinggan kaya wala ka ring sisisihin. Ano? Sige na, umalis ka na! Humabol ka na kay Adrian, magpakabasahan ka! What happened: Nicole and Monica are with Adrian in a coffee shop. Monica gives her husband Adrian a piece of cake. Nicole insists that Adrian try a piece of his cake too. Adrian eats a piece of Nicole`s cake while Monica watches worriedly. Adrian returns home to a devastated Monica to put things right.

He ironically calls him “Mahal” and tells him: ” Usap Tayo. Nicole, pregnant, obediently says she will leave Rowena`s apartment. The Legal Wife is also directed by JC De Vera (Max), Ahron Villena, Mark Gil, Joem Bascon, Maria Isabel Lopez, Bernard Palanca, Rio Locsin and Christopher De Leon. “Atsaka, teka long, ha. What will Adrian do to bring it to life? You beat your body, you beat your heart for the man you didn`t want! You are exaggerated! What happened: The line is taken from the May 23 episode of the series, when Rowena asks Nicole not to pursue Adrian anymore. “I`m just my wife!” became so popular that it spawned memes and Internet t-shirts with this line. Adrian said timidly to Monica and Nicole, “That`s right.” QUOTE from Monica (Angel Locsin): I wish I had been blinded, I wish I had been a fool, but I feel sorry for myself! Rowena, pregnant, points to her belly: “Oh, you`re going to kick, okay. Listen to me. 487 likes, 6 comments. TikTok video by Polegrimmochka (@polegrimmochka): “#for #no #fyp #андертейл #санс #папирус #взрослый”.

оригинальный звук – Polegrimmochka. quote from Nicole (Maja Salvador): “Yes, Monica. Que nangyari sa amin ng asawa mo! At nang naulit at nang naulit at nang maulit, hindi na lang yun sex! It was making love! WHAT HAPPENED: In the continuity of the aforementioned confrontation scene, Monica beats Nicole as she stands silently and guiltily still.