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Legalplace is a major player in the online business start-up services market. In this file we present Legalplace, we analyze customer reviews about this company, and then we give you our own opinion about the online services offered: for example, if I tick “Computer and Web”, then “Website creation”, the proposed corporate purpose will be “The creation and hosting of websites, as well as the sale of computer hardware and software”. This year, Legalplace implemented LP Accounting software to help entrepreneurs digitize their company`s accounting. On the other hand, for entrepreneurs who need real advice and local support to set up their business creation project, it is better to meet an accountant near them. Legalplace offers 3 offers on the theme of business creation: Articles of Association only, Standard Creation and Express Creation. The Legalplace website also offers you the opportunity to be accompanied by an advisor at all times, but as we will see later, the advisor they offer you cannot provide you with legal help and advice because you do not have the status of lawyer, accountant or notary. It will simply help you use the site to carry out your legal procedures and formalities. Legal advice is reserved for lawyers, so you will need to consult a lawyer for legal, tax or social advice. Among the secondary steps we find: For existing businesses, legal aid service can be a real relief.

Legalplace can even support entrepreneurs from start to finish in hiring new employees (drafting contracts, reviewing the collective agreement, etc.). Sorry for our late reply. and thank you for this feedback, which we will be sure to include in our review of Legalplace`s services. The goal of sites like Legalplace is to save you time and serenity in your legal formalities. The costs offered are incurred in the services offered in view of the difficulties encountered by most entrepreneurs in the administrative procedures necessary to set up and manage a business. All services offered are available on this page of the site. Many services currently require you to complete a questionnaire separate from LegalPlace`s website, but it goes without saying that LegalPlace`s long-term goal is to integrate all of these services into its platform. Today, we are interested in Legalplace. We have sent your data to LegalPlace so that they can find your file and solve your problem.

Please feel free to send us your comments on this subject. Sincerely, The team Create your LBdD company The standard preparation of 99 € HT includes all the formalities of the preparation (preparation of legal statutes, preparation of legal acts, receipt of K-bis, …), with the exception of mandatory administrative costs to be added. Unlike the aforementioned offer, the standard creation allows the founder of the company to benefit from an anti-rejection guarantee. If your file is rejected by the registry, Legalplace will take care of solving the problem and ensuring that your file gets a positive opinion. In our opinion, an auditor is an important partner that we must make the effort to select personally, because he plays an important role in the success of our project. The advantage of choosing this package lies in the fact that you have practically nothing to do. Legalplace takes care of everything for 99€ + 262,57 € administrative fee (legal announcement and registration fees). This represents a total of €360; This rate corresponds to the average of market prices.

The very first thing you need to do on Legalplace if you want to start a business is to choose the legal form you want to start. In terms of business creation, Legalplace offers interesting online services for entrepreneurs who: Legalplace allows you to create your company regardless of the legal form you choose: SASU, SAS, EUR, SARL, SCI, micro-enterprises, association. As part of our test, we were interested in creating an SASU. With a free trial, those who are hesitant can get an idea of how this platform works before subscribing to their subscription. Therefore, for the legal support of a company, Legalplace offers to carry out practically all the stages related to the life of a company in order to personalize, organize and manage a company. Here is a detailed and neutral review of their services Finally, on this platform, the proposed rates are difficult to read. However, you may have a summary of the site`s pricing plan in some articles. LegalPlace is aimed at people who are not autonomous or familiar with the legal aspects: it is therefore necessary to provide them with quality support, and Legalplace has understood this. In our opinion, the above restrictions do not affect the interest of setting up your online business under 3 conditions: I found myself in a legal place with virtually no consent trying to apply for a registration document. I was automatically directed to the legal location. The partnership Le Blog du Directeur & Legalplace was born from the fact that we are aware of the difficulties of entrepreneurship for entrepreneurs and executives.

In order to support you and offer you the best online legal services, we have tested the legal platforms ourselves. From our point of view, Legalplace offers attractive services, adapted to entrepreneurs and at a lower cost. However, some services seem superfluous to us because of their scope and nature, which is why we propose to make a good decision and take charge of the economic, social and fiscal issues when creating your company. The TSSA website takes 2 weeks to complete your application. LegalPlace did it in 2 hours at a reasonable price. I recommend LegalPlace for everyone. They are fast, efficient and the process is simple. It is not necessary to send documents by mail. You can send it electronically.

Very happy with the service. Starting a business in 2022 has become easier thanks to legal platforms. Legaltech has reinvigorated and revolutionized the legal world through the use of modern technological tools. In the case of an SASU, the appointment of a general manager is rare, but the location still allows it. The following table provides you with a summary of the main prices that Legalplace offers to its clients: Negative reviews are mainly special cases. There are often long delays between ordering and receiving documents, we cannot know if it is the fault of Legalplace or any other actor. Many opinions are given by individuals on registration formalities, for example, much fewer negative opinions are given by entrepreneurs. We tested the creation process and spent a lot of time on the LegalPlace website decrypting the offer. Here is our opinion on LegalPlace in full transparency.

If you`re not sure, we recommend a 30-day free trial to see if LPCompta is right for you to handle your company`s accounting. This makes it possible to offer certain types of documents at very reasonable prices (example: registration document, employment contract, general terms and conditions, GTC). This wide range of products allows Legalplace to position itself well against its competitors. However, while it has advantages, it also has disadvantages that should not be overlooked. We have reached the end of our LegalPlace test and our opinion, here is the time of judgment! You have probably already formed an opinion on Legaltech`s offer, but it seems important to us to summarize our point of view on this service. Part of Legalplace`s offer is aimed at any person, professional or individual looking for an official document template: rental contract, inventory, application for registration document, PACS contract. What about the quality of online legal services offered by this platform? The results of our tests and our opinion on LegalPlace! Hello I am very disappointed with legalplace, because since June 2020 I am still waiting for my registration document for my trailer, which weighs more than 750 kg, so obliged to have a registration document. Although I submitted all the documents to date on October 26, 2020, and still have not received anything, I find this shameful.

Sincerely, impeccable help is also available on the site to guide users in their various concerns. If we look at the few negative reviews in detail, dissatisfied customers sometimes complain about too long response times or too long a delay between the payment of the order and the receipt of their documents. It is difficult to say whether it is the fault of LegalPlace or the CFE to which the file is submitted for registration (sometimes it is the management that delays a creation, even if LegalPlace managed the file in 24 hours).