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Perhaps the most famous Shorty shotgun, and the one with the brand name “Super Shorty,” is this offering from Serbu. The best example is the Dlask Shorty, it`s practically the same as a Serbu Super Shorty, but it`s legal to own it in Canada (I don`t know if the court case was settled, but it was sold without restriction for a while). Dlask manufactured the parts it was built with (not sure about the 870 receiver). I assume that under Canadian law, there are only three types of firearms: shotguns, rifles and pistols. They have established rules and specifications to define each of them, and everything else is simply thrown into the “forbidden” bin. see if I understand correctly: if it is a shotgun made with a pistol grip and a barrel of less than 18″, is it considered AOW? And do you have to go through the same old bureaucracy with an NFA item like an AOW, or can I go to my LGS and come out with it after a 10 NICS check? It has a pistol stock, no shoulder rest, so the overall length of the pistol is too short for a shotgun. If there were the shoulder rest, it would probably be limited or unrestricted. A “coverable” short-barreled shotgun with 2nd handle? I`ll believe it when I see it. Not all states allow possession of properly registered SBS, but there are other avenues for people who want to own a Shorty shotgun but can`t get SBS. I could be wrong, but I think Serbu Super Shorty shotguns are prohibited firearms because they were modified after manufacture. Since you [or a licensed gunsmith] cannot legally modify a firearm, so its overall length becomes less than 660mm/barrel less than 457mm under the penal code, Firearms are prohibited. Does anyone make a 37 Action model that only comes as a shotgun with pistol grip? I think that`s the key to why they`re not classified as short-barreled shotguns, but as AOWs.

If it comes out of the factory with stock, you`d make it an SBS (and add the $200 tax stamp to the price). In Canadia, you can bet a stock on it and not have to worry about legal issues. The catch is that a double sawn is an SBS. If you agree to pay the tax, I guess that`s fine (and it will always be cheaper). But several states have blanket bans on SBS. This thing, at least in some of them, is not considered an SBS (Washington, for example) because it did not start life with a butt and is therefore not considered a shotgun. Suffice it to say that the ATF has an unhealthy interest in the absolute details of the laws surrounding short-barreled shotguns, and the feds will apparently not hesitate to shoot unarmed people to ensure that shotguns that are not too short do not circulate without the right documents. There is a special class of 14-inch shotguns that use the way the NFA is written to give you an over-the-counter legal 14-inch shotgun. We had to go through a lengthy process to legalize the property after the death of the original owner without transferring ownership through the $5 tax stamp. In contrast, under federal law, a shotgun must have a stock (“designed to be pulled from the shoulder”). So if he starts life with a pistol grip, it`s not a shotgun. And therefore, if you shorten the barrel, it is still not a shotgun, short-barreled or otherwise.

Some states have copied these NFA definitions into their own state laws, so they don`t consider Serbu SBS either, but California isn`t one of them. In California, this is considered a short-barreled shotgun because their state law uses its own definition of what an SBS is beyond what federal law says. Specifically, what makes these weapons possible is a careful reading of the NFA. One requirement for an SBS or AOW is that it is usually less than 26 inches if it is not a shoulder-fired weapon. Because these 14-inch Shorty shotguns as receivers start with a bird`s head handle and a 14-inch barrel and barely exceed 26,” they are exempt from NFA requirements. Reliability: * * * * He hung up only once at the end of the recording session, which I chalked on unreduced brass on my reloads in addition to a new shooter who pulled the trigger. There was an incident where the empty hull and the live hull on deck were ejected, which I think was due to the fact that I had rolled the gun too much to the side while turning the action around. It`s worth mentioning, though, as it`s a simple thing to do with such a small, lightweight shotgun with pistol grip. Developed by Mossberg under the name Mossberg Shockwave, these weapons manage to scratch the itch of many people who want a short shotgun without having to go through NFA trouble.

There`s another good hack in this direction: you take a shotgun that doesn`t match the ATF shotgun (the one made with a pistol grip), put the Raptor bird`s head grip on it, and then cut the barrel to 14″. The resulting firearm has a total length of 26.5″ and is therefore still not an AOW! Here`s what it looks like: Overall, the SUPER-SHORTY is a kick for shooting and I had a lot of fun testing. It burps the fire, moves like a bronco, and devastates targets with a torso width that extends up close like nothing else I`ve fired. Since it`s probably the shortest shotgun on the market, it can fit perfectly in your briefcase. * A shotgun is partly defined as a weapon designed to be fired from the shoulder. Since the S-S was made from a firearm with a pistol grip and shoulder rest, it was never really a “shotgun” and therefore cannot be a “short-barreled shotgun” or be considered a “shotgun from a shotgun.” My sample is built from a Remington 870 and if you`re familiar with this shotgun (and probably are), you`ll be comfortable with the S-S. Same security, same trigger, same action lock on the front of the trigger protector, same cargo door, etc. This 6.5-inch barrel version contains only 2 shells in the tube – either 2.75″ or 3″ – while the 13.75-inch gun variant contains 4. There is a third option if you want a Shorty shotgun that is not regulated by the NFA. I own a slightly different AOW, also based on the Rem 870 with a 12-inch gun. Mine contains 4+1, so it`s a bit more convenient, although it`s also a bit longer than the Serbu. I put a Speedfeed Birdshead handle on it, without even pulling with the same wrist breaker handle as the Serbu, because I knew better.

IMHO, it`s a terrible HD weapon because you really can`t aim at it, you can only aim at it. The pattern on the Serbu probably opens faster than mine because it`s a shorter run. The noise inside would be deafening and disorienting, you just have such a great chance of hitting your target. A pistol would be preferable or a normal 18-inch shotgun. 16590. For the purposes of this Part, “generally prohibited weapon” means any of the following weapons: (t) a rifle or short-barrelled shotgun prohibited under section 33215. (v) An unconventional pistol prohibited in section 31500. There aren`t many shotguns that fit in a backpack, but the Serbu SUPER-SHORTY will do the trick with space. The total length with a 6.5-inch barrel is only 16.5″. The small size is suitable for practical applications, as the S-S can carry 12-gauge shots almost anywhere and can easily maneuver in tight spaces. Generally speaking, the ATF considers any shotgun designed to fire from the shoulder, or from a shotgun designed to fire from the shoulder with barrels less than 18 inches, as a short-barreled shotgun (SBS).

A more nuanced explanation can be found online, but for most people, that`s enough. Some may recall the tragic events in Ruby Ridge, triggered by the sale to undercover agents of a shotgun allegedly 1/4 inch under the 18-inch warrant of the National Firearms Act. Jeremy explained it in detail, but the TL;DR version is that the only thing that makes it an AOW is that the total length is less than 26″. If you hold the barrels long enough that this is not the case, then it is neither AOW, nor a shotgun, nor a pistol (and of course no rifle) – it is simply classified as a “weapon” by the ATF and has no special regulations other than those that apply to firearms in general. * If Serbu took a shotgun (a weapon with a shoulder rest) and swapped the handle and shortened the barrel, he would fall into the category of short-barreled shotguns because it would be a pistol made from a shotgun. Because they use firearms that started with a pistol grip and were never considered “shotguns” by the Federales, SUPER-SHORTY are AOWs.