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Provide your customers with safe and reliable ways to communicate with you. Including sharing large files with you. Use the customer portal to securely interact with them without using insecure third-party file-sharing applications. Make it easier to interact with customers and other contacts in your business. They all have access to a secure sharing area where you can perfectly manage access rights and authorized actions. Continue to send large files while keeping your communications safe and private. Did you know that some popular file-sharing apps reserve the right to use your shared data and profile information? Don`t put your customers at risk and use the Jarvis Customer Portal to securely share files of any size. You`ll receive automatic notifications as soon as your customers upload new files. Conversely, your customers will receive an email notification when you share new files with them. With the customer portal, you manage the relationship and offer your customers a secure, friendly and professional service.

Stop storing your documents on a multitude of servers and computers. Stop wasting time looking for a file that you need to send immediately. Stop wasting time and energy trying to connect to your document storage remotely. Jarvis offers a 100% centralized and secure document management solution. Get secure data rooms to share files with customers and built-in video conferencing. We are practice-oriented lawyers who work directly with clients in all aspects of a case. We do not send paralegals to represent clients at a Social Security hearing, and we do not rely on paralegals to write briefs or conclusions. We meet with you and are in direct contact with you throughout the legal process.

We do not rely on non-lawyers to administer your case or provide you with important information on our behalf. If you have any questions or concerns, we will answer your questions directly. We get to know each of our customers. We listen to you, we care and we fight for you. Don`t put your documents and those of your customers at risk. You get a 100% secure file sharing solution that offers a wide range of options such as expiration date or password protection for shared links. Recipients can read documents without downloading them. Even from a mobile device. Jarvis offers cloud-based, 100% secure and France-hosted document storage. You can access your document storage from anywhere, from any device, at any time. It`s so convenient and reassuring to be able to access your files from your computer, tablet or smartphone. With the powerful search engine, you will save a lot of time and effort.

There is only one current version for each document. This allows your team members to access and collaborate on the same version of a document in real time. Many people try to track workers` compensation or Social Security disability themselves. But statistically, a person represented by a lawyer is likely to perform better than an unrepresented person. It is to your advantage to seek legal assistance. If you call us at (802) 540-1030, we will respond promptly to your request. We offer a free consultation with no obligation to commit. We ask you questions about your situation and explain your legal rights and what you can expect from the legal process. If you hire us as an attorney, we will enforce your legal rights before the insurance company, applicable state or federal authorities, or in court.

We will work with you to gather all the medical and other evidence necessary to win your claim, and we will assess and advise you throughout the process towards the strengths and weaknesses of your claim. Add a new dimension to your relationship with your customers. Give them access to a secure area to share confidential information. Your practice reinforces its image with a very modern and particularly efficient solution. For over 7 years, Jarvis Legal has been an active leader in the legaltech ecosystem, developing innovative technologies to improve our users. Automatically edit documents based on your own templates. Keep them in a safe place. Jarvis Legal is a web-based lawyer management software for small and medium-sized law firms. He helps thousands of lawyers in 35 countries manage time tracking, invoicing, clients, files, documents, tasks, emails, calendar, accounting and reporting. Since 2013, we have been supporting thousands of lawyers in their digital transformation in France and in more than 30 countries around the world. We never stop innovating to provide you with even more intuitive, reliable and efficient solutions. Embed a link to your own customer portal in your website in seconds.

Your customers sign in to your portal with their credentials and can view the information you share with them. Stay informed: As soon as files are uploaded to the document store, you are notified and can access them immediately. Organize and distribute work across your teams efficiently to ensure deadlines are met. Home[EN] Communication and customer . [EN] Client portal for lawyers The portal is a real extension of your website. In seconds, you have access to a shared space to share documents, track questions and view invoice history. Your customers interact directly with your business. Thanks to automatic notifications, you won`t miss a thing. We decided to develop a 100% web-based solution that allows you to work from anywhere and from any device. Don`t worry about organizing your files, Jarvis will do it for you! You can customize the names of the default activity folders and subfolders that you want to display when you create an item. Jarvis takes care of the rest.

Save more than 2 hours each day by automating repetitive tasks such as email filing. Let Jarvis take care of your routine. The customer portal is a quick and easy way to offer your customers a new experience. It is also a way to meet their expectations: they must be responsive and available. Enjoy a shared space where you can interact directly with your customers and meet their needs. Share files easily and quickly with your customers via shared storage. Ask them to drag and drop the necessary documents so you can pursue their business. They will be automatically notified when they do. Reduce deployment time by months and quickly reap the benefits of our integrated solution. Thousands of users in France, the United States and more than 30 countries around the world trust it. Regardless of your injury or disability, Jarvis & Modun lawyers may have represented someone with the same or similar medical condition. With Jarvis Legal, I can focus on my main tasks and the development of my clientele.

Snapshot of the software thanks to a hyper-professional trainer. Find and link emails directly to questions. Easily share them with your team.