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The Legal 500 UK is the leading guide for law firms in the UK. The annual report is researched and written by an experienced legal research team and invites law firms from across the UK. With seven lead venture capital partners in London, Bristol and Reading, and a significant presence in Europe, Osborne Clarke LLP has the strength to manage a wide range and volume of purely domestic and cross-border mandates for a balanced list of investors and companies in which it invests. Led by “excellent” partner Robert Wood of Reading, the firm is active throughout the investment lifecycle, where it is able to “combine exceptional legal capabilities with a highly commercial and hands-on approach to closing the transaction,” particularly in technology and life sciences transactions. London-based Mathias Loertscher, who has a particular focus on TMT-related transactions, has a strong reputation for both funds and companies raising funding and venture capital, as well as shareholders of venture-backed companies in their exposures. Rob Hayes, who combines exceptional technical skills with an “incredible business approach,” has greatly influenced the practice following his relatively recent entry from Pennington`s Cooper LLP Rounds, particularly in the context of life sciences mandates. Elizabeth Yell of Reading, an “absolute rising star”, has also impressed Pennington`s Cooper LLP since her arrival and offers “commercial and practical” advice. “Browne Jacobson`s team is no stranger to seed capital litigation.” “The team has extensive knowledge and understanding of our industry. In addition, they are very experienced in the start-up phase in which our company is located. They react very proactively and quickly.

An excellent business partner for a company that does not have in-house legal counsel. Cooley (UK) LLP has a “strong understanding of the life cycle of emerging companies” and is well positioned to “manage issues in a very fluid and appropriate manner for investors and issuers at every stage of the funding continuum”. The team is able to leverage the resources and knowledge of the firm`s leading U.S. offering and capabilities in London, and excels in processing cross-border transactions and advising U.S. investors. In this regard, qualified U.S. team leader Ryan Naftulin has “an unparalleled understanding of the fundraising and business formation process in the U.K. and the U.S.” In addition to his transactional work, Naftulin is also involved in thought leadership and wider knowledge sharing, and is a senior advisor to the British Venture Capital Association (BVCA) on its Legal Documentation and Drafting Committee, which reviews its standard documents on an annual basis. Aaron Archer is also recommended.

“The team was responsive and engaging. They don`t just say “it`s a business decision” and babble in unnecessary legal language. They succinctly explain what the considerations are, help us understand the short- and long-term effects, and generally give good advice that allows us to make the right decision. The team I work with is diverse (including men, women and EFC), dedicated and great to work with. “Andrew Davis is phenomenal. Andrew is a genius at explaining even the most complex legal issues in a layman`s way and proposing possible solutions. Browne Jacobson LLP has “extremely talented lawyers with extensive experience” in the field and is “proficient in seed finance litigation,” making it a very popular choice, especially among entrepreneurs and startups. In this regard, Jon Snade has a particularly good reputation with technology customers (including insuretech), many of whom have been promoted by the company`s highly propular GROW program. Mike Jackson, a “highly commercial” partner based in Birmingham, leads the Snade team and is known for his work on behalf of regional start-ups and investors in venture-backed mandates in the automotive and green technology sectors. A growing fund offering involves a significant amount of work for traditional companies and investors, including WHP. “Chris Errico is the senior partner in our account and is one of the best lawyers I`ve ever worked with. And I`ve worked with a lot of them.

Chris is very knowledgeable about the world of venture capital and start-ups, covering all the contractual and legal areas we need. If he doesn`t, he knows what other partner he needs to bring in quickly and efficiently. He is efficient and attentive. Not to mention very friendly and so it is in-depth but quite easy to talk to him about offers. We`ve been working together for a number of years now, so he knows what we want from each agreement, and that makes it even easier. Emily Taylor is an absolute rock star. Both a great lawyer, as well as clear and concise business advice with a clear description of the options and the legal (and business) advantages and disadvantages of each. Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP is a popular choice among clients and is praised for its ability to offer “the boutique firm experience with the size and depth of a global supplier.” .