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The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) provides information on how to become a school psychologist in each state. Most school psychologists have an Ed.S., an advanced specialized postmaster`s degree, which is less intensive than a PhD. EES Eligibility: Pre-Certificate: Requires a bachelor`s degree, 60 credits in psychology and a 1-year school psychology internship (minimum 600 hours in school). Applicants interested in becoming school counselors, social workers, psychologists, or attendance teachers in New York City public schools must possess or have met all requirements for the appropriate New York State certificate. Applicants from abroad may be considered as long as they fall under the interstate reciprocity guidelines, as defined on the New York State website. As students recover psychologically from the COVID-19 pandemic, psychologists often deal with anxiety and depression, as well as the effects of time spent outside of school and isolation. Most school psychologists continue their studies during the summer. School psychology jobs also include administrative work and planning when classes are not in progress, usually after the end or beginning of the school year. Learn how to become a school psychologist and contribute to healthy outcomes for children and youth.

Although state licensing agencies do not require NCSP certification, they may consider it equivalent to state licensing, making certification even more valuable for those seeking a career in school psychology. Candidates from some states may be required to pass the practical exam, which is part of the NCSP certification process, although the state itself may not require certification by law. Applicants can view the status of the application online. Later, employer school districts can see certification status. The Ministry of Education provided a list of frequently asked questions about the use of the system ( DOE first verifies candidates` eligibility; Eligible applicants will then be listed in the New Teacher Finder. This search tool allows school leaders to post academic positions and contact candidates, and allows candidates to search for vacancies and apply directly to schools. If you are bilingual and do not have the renewal, we recommend that you meet the bilingual renewal requirements for certification. This increases your chances of being selected for positions in Student Personnel Services (PPS). If you have been offered a bilingual provider position and require the bilingual extension, please contact the Office of Scholarships, Incentives and Elocution Programs at 718-935-2449. Applicants who do not meet the reciprocity requirements may apply as part of the Individual Assessment Pathway.