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The legal limit for drivers of cars, trucks and buses (excluding public vehicles) up to 15 tonnes of gross vehicle mass (GVW) and motorcycle drivers holding a full driving licence (gold) is less than 0.05 BAC. Be especially careful if you have moved from New Zealand or the UK, their limit of 0.08 is much higher than ours (80 mg per 100 ml of blood, although New Zealand will change to the same as here on December 1, 2014), and what was previously legal for you to drive in New Zealand or the UK, may not be below the limit here. Also, New Zealand has a zero limit for people between the ages of 16 and 19, but not if you`re 20 or older, regardless of the type of driver`s license. In fact, more than one in four drivers who die on our roads have a blood alcohol level above the legal blood alcohol limit. It is illegal to drink alcohol while driving. It can be a drunk driving offense that doesn`t require a specific blood alcohol percentage, and law enforcement is not required to hire an expert to prove blood alcohol level to prove incapacity to drive. The legal blood alcohol limit for heavy vehicle drivers over the age of 15 must be below 0.05% blood alcohol to drive in Australia – although your legal blood alcohol limit may be lower depending on the type of licence you have, for example learner drivers must have a blood alcohol level of 0.00% (see driving section below). In practice, one or two beers can`t get you over the blood alcohol limit on a Friday afternoon if you`ve just eaten a burger and fries, but if you`re also tired and stressed, factors that can already affect your ability to drive safely, adding alcohol to the mix only increases the risk to you and other drivers on the road. Hence the warning “Know your limit” and how this can change from day to day.

If you need additional advice and legal representation for pending drunk driving expenses, the Rivere Law team is here to help. You cannot browse if your blood alcohol level is above the legal limit or if you are under the influence of illegal drugs. Drugs and legal medications can have a similar impact on your driving as alcohol. Mixing legal or illegal drugs and alcohol can have considerably more serious effects on your motor coordination skills and other skills required to drive. Drivers of L and P license plates have a legal blood alcohol limit of zero. Holders of a full licence have a blood alcohol limit of 0.05, while those who drive public passenger cars such as taxis, buses, coaches, heavy vehicles or vehicles carrying dangerous goods have a threshold of 0.02 BAC. If you are above the legal limit, the police may send you a notice of attendance in court. If a court finds you guilty of a crime, your driver`s licence can be revoked. Using a personal breathalyzer test to constantly monitor your blood alcohol level could prove helpful in maintaining the alcohol limit in New South Wales, as it can let you know whether or not you can drive legally. As a result, it prevents individuals from obtaining the severe penalties for impaired driving or impaired driving. Penalties such as hefty fines, ignition locks, confiscated licenses, and confiscated vehicles can be avoided by closely monitoring the value of the blood alcohol level.

The legal blood alcohol limit depends on your age and whether you are sailing on a pleasure boat or merchant ship. Whether or not you know the legal limit of disability, it is essential that you are responsible for your personal tolerance level. After all, many people are unable to drive a vehicle even if their breathalyzer test indicates a blood alcohol level below 0.05%. As such, they can always be arrested because they endanger the safety of others nearby. The preliminary examination, known as the breath test, takes place at the side of the road. This is different from the breath test that is done later, when the preliminary assessment shows that your alcohol concentration is above the legal limit. Here`s more about rejection of a breath test in New South Wales. It is recommended to stay below the legal limit if you are moored, moored or anchored, just in case you need to move your boat. As a general guideline on the number of standard drinks you must drive in New South Wales while trying to stay within the legal alcohol consumption limit in New South Wales, the RACQ outlines how to stay below the legal limit: Certain products, such as medicines, mouthwashes and food, may contain alcohol without your knowledge.

While you may try to convince a court that you didn`t have an alcoholic beverage or other substance for the purpose of drinking alcohol, there`s no guarantee you`ll win, and it could cost you a significant amount of legal fees. It is illegal to drink alcohol while driving a motor vehicle in New South Wales. This results in a fine of $344 and 3 demerit points under Rule 298-1 of the NSW Road Rules. It can also result in drunk driving fees. Workplaces generally only apply breathalyzers if they are required to do so by law or if employers, employees and unions agree that it is necessary. If the breath test gives a value above the legal blood alcohol limit, you can expect to receive the indictments from the police. The indictment contains the explanation of the reading you gave, your notice of attendance in court and the charge of drunk driving.