Nota Legal Quando Resgatar 2021

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Payment is addressed to consumers registered in the legal notice, which indicate the CPF in the note. The balance includes purchases made up to February of this year, and amounts accumulated under the program are valid for two years. Only those who do not owe debts to the tax office of the Federal District benefit from it. With the legal notice, taxpayers will receive credits in return if they register the CPF on the invoice. These credits can be used for tax relief in January and for cash refund in July. Even those with assets registered in the Federal District can receive cash credits. Available credits are those generated by February 2022 and valid for two years. 1.5. CREDIT CARD: 1.5.1. Access the system using your CPF and registration password. 1.5.2. Click on “Settings” > “Beneficiary Registration”; 1.5.3. Click to accept the permission condition, and then click Back; 1.5.4.

Click on “Add a new transit card”, enter the card number and then on “Register card” 1.5.5. As described above, click on the “Use Credit”, “Credit Notes” > “Transit Card Balance” tab 1.5.6. Select the card and loan amount and “confirm top-up” The legal opinion is a programme of the Economic Secretariat of df to promote the issuance of invoices and tax citizenship. It allows taxpayers to recover a portion of the ICMS and ISS collected by entities if they inform the CPF at the time of issuance of the document. 1.2. BALANCE ON A PREPAID MOBILE ACCOUNT (OI AND VIVO): 1.2.1. Access the system using your CPF and registration password. 1.2.2. Click to accept the permission condition, and then click Back; 1.2.3.

Click on the “Settings” tab > “Beneficiary registration” and then on “Add a new recipient phone” 1.2.4. Enter up to 5 prepaid mobile phone numbers (OI and VIVO only for now) and “Save mobile scans” 1.2.5. After registration, click on the tab “Use Credit”, “Credits” > “Mobile Credit” 1.2.6. Select the mobile phone and credit amount and “Confirm top-up” The legal opinion is a program of the Secretariat of Economy to promote the issuance of bills and fiscal citizenship. Thus, taxable persons collect part of the tax on the movement of goods and services (ICMS) and the tax on services (ISS) collected by the entities if they inform the CPF at the time of issuing the invoice. Credits can be used to shoot down IPTU or IPVA, as well as to be obtained through money loot. In addition, those who participate in the legal note participate in the program`s annual raffles. IMPORTANT: The cash value must not exceed 50% of the IPVA value; This procedure is only available until the end of the payment of the single quota.

In this case, the IPVA can only be paid via the boleto, which is generated after 48 hours after the request in the legal notice system 1. The consumer defines how the credit is used: anyone who has not registered a car or Imable in the name itself can inform a Bancãria account from 1 to 30 June and receive the amount in cash. To choose how you want to use the credits, you need to access the portal, register for the program,© or update the information if the user©is already enrolled. After that, simply specify one of the three options. There is no minimum or maximum limit on the amount paid by either tax. If you want, you can collect the amount to get a higher discount on future issues, as©credits are available for up to two years from© launch. It is important to remember that the user may not have©a pending decision on participation with the government of Brasilia. Learn more about credit redemption©–> Economía did not publish the payment schedule until this report was last updated. 1.4. BUSINESS CREDIT GRANTS: 1.4.1. Enable the “Donate to Businesses” option to transfer all or part of the funds to registered charities in the Program.

1.4.2. Click on the “magnifying glass” to check the box and inform the CNPJ of the institution to which the credit will be granted. 1.4.3. The automatic system completes the data and then informs about the amount to be donated and clicks on “Donate credits” to confirm the operation. Difficulties in accessing the restricted area or granting credits should be reported by the Virtual Service Department or by Call Center 156, Option 3, and in the branches of the Federal District Tax Office. IMPORTANT: The balance does not automatically fall into the specified wallet. The user must consult the terminals or turnstiles to view the scale and confirm use. The maximum redemption limit is R$25.00.

The application must be made via the Internet, on the program portal. To be eligible, the person concerned must not be indebted to the government of Brasilia. It is possible to negotiate debts on the website of the secretariat or in one of the branches of the tax office of the Federal District. From 2013, those who do not own property or vehicles associated with the CPF in the Federal District will be able to receive the credits of the legal note in cash, directly to a savings account or a current account.