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MLCP lawyers provide medical assistance to patients at the clinic and support to medical staff. MLCP advocates focus on removing legal barriers that affect patients` health. The NLSLA provides free legal assistance to more than 100,000 individuals and families in Los Angeles County each year. Our lawyers specialize in areas of law that disproportionately impact people living in poverty, including affordable housing and eviction, access to public services, support for survivors of domestic violence and their children, access to health and labor and consumer rights, employment and training. Join us for an afternoon of appetizers and refreshments to celebrate our dedicated supporters and the diverse neighbourhoods and communities we serve. Low-income communities are always the hardest hit by a disaster, whether it`s a devastating wildfire or a global health emergency. The NLSLA provides disaster-related legal services that address issues related to FEMA, unemployment and other essential services, health insurance, and housing issues. NLSP provides free civil legal assistance to low-income DC residents and never bills clients for legal services. We provide free legal aid to residents of Los Angeles County. Through a combination of individual advocacy, hard-hitting litigation, and political advocacy, the NLSLA addresses the immediate and long-term effects of poverty and expands access to health, opportunity, and justice in Los Angeles neighborhoods.

Get legal help online, by phone or in person. Additional information on legal issues: Provides legal information to self-represented litigants through appointments, workshops and referrals for divorce, custody and access, injunctions, child support, parentage, guardianship and conservatory. No fees Most of the money in IOLTA accounts comes from real estate transactions. The decline in home sales, combined with historically low interest rates, has significantly reduced the amount of money available for legal services programs. In 2008, IOLTA generated over $25 million nationally. In 2010, that amount was about $9 million! The NLSLA works to maintain affordable housing and rent control, prevent illegal evictions and foreclosures, and combat discrimination in Section 8 and other government-subsidized housing. Our lawyers offer a range of services, from advice and advice to individual representation and highly effective litigation. NLS staff provide a range of services and representation in traditional areas such as housing, public services and elder law. We had to reduce the representation on unemployment benefits, immigration and foreclosure prevention. We have been forced to stop supporting consumers, the cessation of public services and the economic development of the Community.

• SUSPENDED DUE TO PANDEMIC – Visit one of our three neighbourhood offices on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. for a personal check-in. We provide free legal assistance to individuals and families affected by natural disasters. NLS`s budget has been cut by more than 60%. Three years ago we had 32 employees, now we have 18 employees. At the same time, the demand for our services has increased by 40%. We are devastated because we have to lay off dedicated lawyers and support staff. But we are at least as hurt when we have to reduce the number of people we can help.

To protect our customers and employees, NLSLA program offices will be open but closed to the public. We continue to provide essential legal services during this difficult time. Provides appropriate support for domestic violence injunctions and referrals to community services (shelter, victim support and counselling). The NLSLA toll-free works to expand access to health care, providing support to people who struggle to obtain coverage and resolve health plan issues. The organization also works with physicians in community clinics and hospitals to identify and resolve legal issues that impact individual and community health. The NLSLA operates legal access self-help centers in Los Angeles County courthouses, where litigants in need of domestic violence protection can resolve custody disputes, file for divorce and stop eviction, access legal advice, and refer legal services. Please note that all entries will be closed for administrative reasons during the week of August 21, 2022. All registrations submitted online during this period will not be officially reviewed/opened until August 29. For all locations and contact information, please visit: NLSLA is committed to helping individuals make a fresh start. Our projects in the San Fernando and Antelope Valleys are helping to remove barriers to stable housing and employment. We can help you navigate the various unemployment benefits available, including supplementary benefits under the CARES Act.

Click on the service areas below for more information. The NLSLA believes that justice depends on equal access to justice and the protection of the law. NLS has more than 15 funding sources. Our two largest are from the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation (MLAC), which receives a direct grant from the government, and Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts (IOLTA). Call (202) 832-6577 (NLSP) • Telephone reception available Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Los Angeles County Library attorneys clients helped exercise their right to housing in 2021 Lawyer Referral Service; also delivers the Domestic Violence Legal Services Project, the Immigration Legal Aid Project, the Veterans Legal Services Project, the AIDS Legal Services Project, the Small Claims Project, and Solicitor-Client Mediation and Adjudication Services. Free and cost-effective advice We desperately need your help. Please consider making a donation to NLS.

NLS was at the forefront of the community lawyer movement, listening to community members and groups and working with them to improve conditions in their community. We want to be able to continue. We refuse 2 eligible customers for 1 that we can accept. We need your support – our customers need your help. The NLSLA can help you maintain and maintain the public services you need to meet your basic needs such as food, housing, and employment. Join our team and make a real impact on the lives of low-income individuals and communities in housing, health care and more. The NLSLA helps immigrants who are victims of domestic violence and other violent crimes. We can help you adjust your immigration status and get naturalized. Under Massachusetts Supreme Court rules, an attorney holding funds on behalf of a client must place the funds either in an account that pays interest to the client or in a pooled IOLTA account. An IOTTA account is only used if the funds are relatively modest or held by the lawyer for a short period of time, so the interest is less than the cost of creating and maintaining a separate account. Although the individual interest amounts are small, the interest on the combined IOTTA accounts is substantial. Work with advocates who do public relations, help with self-help clinics and support administrative staff in our offices.

Los Angeles County Public Defender in the NLS Service Area Contribution Resource Links: NACA AGHA United Way Piety Hill Design Department of Children and Family Services 800-540-4000 Provides referrals to lawyers in the San Gabriel Valley and Pomona Valleys, Los Angeles County, and the western part of San Bernardino County. Free and inexpensive consultations Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur tortor lacus, porttitor vel metus at, porta varius tortor. Legal Aid at Work (415) 404-9093 – Workers` rights, such as unpaid wages, unemployment benefits, or additional information about access for people with disabilities. Individuals can call one of their specialized helplines for information on work and family, disability, language rights, racial equality in the workplace and girls in sports. Overall Financial Benefits for Clients in 2021 An unwavering advocate for individuals, families and communities in Los Angeles County Need child custody or child support? Help the NLSLA address the immediate and long-term effects of poverty and improve access to health, opportunity, and equity. Health Consumer Center can answer your questions about Medi-Cal, Medicare, county health programs, and Covered California. We can help you maintain, maintain or use your coverage and benefits. Online • Please visit our online admission website which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Meaningful pro bono opportunities to sustainably improve the lives of individuals and families in Los Angeles.