Mps Teacher Requirements

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Applications are now being accepted for reserve teacher positions for the 2022-2023 academic year __ If you are interested in starting your classroom career at MPS but do not have the 60 semesters or 90 quarterly academic credits, you can now enroll in the ParaPro assessment at the Davis Center. We want to hire you and help you start your career at MPS! MPS reimburses the cost of one test per candidate (if taken at the Davis Center) in the event of successful recruitment to a SEA position at MPS. We are looking for your incredible talents in all departments and content areas. Our highest priority today is to consciously attract, develop and retain a diverse and global workforce that supports students first. If you are passionate about ethnic cultural backgrounds and have a long-term commitment to teaching, MPS is looking for you! Learn more about the many services and supports Minneapolis Public School offers students and families. As we celebrate all cultures, identities and differences, and nurture relationships between students and staff from all walks of life, thank you very much for choosing MPS as our “employer of choice” in 2022.