Mohave County Legal Defender`s Office

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If your office does not keep the documents I requested, please let me know so that I can request the documents from the relevant office. The Mohave County Public Defender, based in Kingman, Arizona, represents defendants who cannot afford an attorney. The Public Defender fulfils the constitutional guarantee of the right to a lawyer. In Kingman, the Public Defender`s Office provides legal representation to those threatened with imprisonment who do not have the financial resources to hire their own lawyer. Inaccurate information about the agency? Submit a request for review. Popularity:#1 of 4 Public Defender Offices in Mohave County#1 of 16 Public Defender Offices in Arizona#134 in Public Defender Offices. Headquarters: 313 Pine Street, Kingman, Arizona, USA. Paul Lenkowsky, Paul Lenkowsky Law Firm, 928-758-4815. Gregory A. Ring, Law Firm of Gregory A. Ring 928-758-7464. Find court records and criminal records related to the Mohave County Public Defender. Member of Mohave County District Attorneys (organized by practice area) Douglas Sutherland, Sutherland Law Firm, 928-753-6000 Ronald Gilleo, Mohave County Law Defender`s Office.

It`s always a good idea to research your lawyer before hiring them. Each state has a disciplinary organization that oversees attorneys, their licenses, and consumer complaints. By researching the legal discipline, you can: If some of the documents listed above are more easily accessible than others, please make them available for inspection as soon as possible without waiting for them to have access to all. If I decide to request copies of these documents after consulting them, I will inform you. Buyer intent data, anonymous visitor identification, first-party data integration, backed by a huge contact database that invites your sales team. Schedule a demo to learn more! Please read the form letter below. Bold fields are information that you provide. Once you have clicked on the “Send” button, the following letter will be sent by e-mail from the e-mail address you provided to the appropriate agency. If you believe that parts of the documents sought are exempt from disclosure, the law requires that you separate or redact those parts of the documents and make the non-exempt documents available for inspection and copying. If you believe that any of the records cannot be inspected, please provide a brief written explanation of the basis and authority for the retention of the records. If you can provide copies of the documents electronically, please email them to me.

If they can be provided on diskette, I would be happy to take a copy with you. I agree to pay a reasonable copying and postage fee not exceeding {amount you are willing to pay for recordings:9}. Shawn B. Hamp, The Law Office of Shawn B. Hamp, P.C., 928-753-6868 There is no email address for the records manager. Send a request to Mohave County Pubic Defender, P.O. Box 7000, Kingman, AZ 86402. Richard Rahnema, Wachtel Biehn & Malm, 928-855-5115 Mohave County, County Legal Defender operates in the law firm sector When viewing an ad, be aware of the state advertising restrictions that attorneys and law firms must adhere to, as well as our legal directory disclaimer. Some lawyers publish comparative information about the services they offer, which may be subject to specific comparative disclosure restrictions. Address, telephone number and fax number of Mohave County Public Defender, a public defenders` office, located at North 5th Street, Kingman AZ. Check the Mohave County Public Defender map and get directions from your location. As you know, “public records” are broadly defined by Arizona law.

It is assumed that all public records are publicly available, unless there is an explicit legal exception. As the Arizona Attorney General`s Office noted, any doubt about the scope of the public`s right of access “should be removed in favor of disclosure.” Opinion No. R75-781, p. 145 (1975-76). The Arizona Public Records Act requires public bodies to provide “immediate” access to public records. Accordingly, I ask for your answer in {Response time requested in days:14}. If you are unable to meet this deadline, please contact me as soon as possible so that we can discuss the reasons for any delay. Jeff Goldberg, Bruno Brooks and Goldberg, P.O.

Box 928-753-6115. Find 2 public defender offices within 42.2 km of Mohave County Public Defender. The supervisor of the Mohave County Legal Advocate`s Office is Becky Fawson. Where is the headquarters of the Mohave County Legal Defender? Jennifer Schiller, Jennifer Schiller LLC, 928-453-6255 In accordance with the Arizona Public Records Law (A.R.S. §§ 39-121 ff.), I am writing to request {Request Type:8} the following public records, including electronic records: {Additional Details:7}.