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Sarah has been in the insurance industry for 19 years and has experience in life, annuity and general insurance. When we talk about personal information, we mean information about a person who can identify them, such as name, address, email address, phone number, and financial details. These may include customers (including prospects), their designated representatives (e.g. agents), employees, shareholders, business contacts, and suppliers. Any reference to “information” or “data” in this Policy is a reference to personal data about a living individual. By providing your email address, you agree that we may send you emails with news, information and offers about the products and services offered by Legal & General Financial Advice. We will never share your information with third parties for their own marketing purposes. The Group believes that employees come first and foremost to improve customer service, build a better company and create value for its shareholders. She cares about her employees by fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment, addressing areas for improvement, recognizing contributions and celebrating employee success. Previously, Tom worked at MetLife where he was responsible for sales, including guaranteed unit-linked withdrawals and fixed annuities. Legal & General addresses climate change by using its influence as an investor to promote the transition to a low-carbon economy. It develops energy-efficient homes in its housing sector, invests in renewable energy, reduces the carbon footprint of its business operations, and works with organizations to promote climate resilience.

If you want us to call you about our mortgages for later in life. Please enter your full name and phone number. You may also provide your email address if you wish to opt out of receiving emails about our products and services. Details of how we process your data can be found in our Privacy Policy. If you are an employer, you can access all the information on our general employers page. You can notify us of a change of address, a change of bank details, inform us of a bereavement or send us documents via our digital post office via our online forms. Basil joined Legal & General in September 2018 from ARAG plc, a legal protection specialist, where he oversaw the company`s key insurance relationships. If you have concerns about how we process your personal data or if you are not satisfied with how we have handled a request from you regarding your rights, you also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner`s Office.

Your address is: We even compare the bond market for you and show you if we have quoted the highest or if you could earn more income elsewhere. Our address: Legal & General Retirement, PO Box 809, Cardiff, CF24 0YL Personal data collected from you will be shared with fraud prevention authorities in order to prevent fraud and money laundering and to verify your identity. If fraud is detected, you may be denied certain services, finances or employment. For more information on how your information is used by us and these fraud prevention agencies, as well as your privacy rights, please visit Ian joined Legal & General in March 2019 and joined us from LV= where he was responsible for the distribution of their early and post-retirement offers, including fixed-term pensions (FTA), to an advisory board in the Midlands. including some of the major distributors of pension plans and pension plans. When you are ready, you can request the product online with the guaranteed offer you previously registered. First Contact TeamInformation Commissioner`s OfficeWycliffe HouseWater LaneWilmslowSK9 5AF. Unfortunately, sending information by e-mail is not completely secure. Everything you send is at your own risk. Upon receipt, we will secure your information in accordance with our security procedures and controls. You can choose different options to see what income you could earn and create several offers to compare what they look like. Unless we tell us otherwise, the offer you choose is guaranteed for 40 days.

Andy joined Legal & General in August 2018 as Key Account Manager before becoming Head of Strategic Partnerships in March 2020. If you have a company pension plan, please call 0345 070 8686. One possibility is to convert the accumulated pension fund into regular income. You can do this by purchasing a so-called annuity or “pension”. For automated decision-making (including profiling), you have the right to: Phone: 0345 766 0813E-mail: If you have health problems or lifestyle risks, you may be able to earn a higher income with an “enhanced pension”. When you receive a quote online, there is a section to enter these details. This also applies to your partner and could mean that you will receive a higher income. By submitting this form, you agree that we may call you to discuss how the products and services offered by Legal & General Financial Advice may work for you.

New business or track cases online via Track My Apps With a retirement pension, you know exactly how much you will have rain or shine. Legal & General is a financial services group and investor with companies in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the United States. It operates through five segments: If you have any questions about medical data collection, you can contact the Medicals Direct (MDG) Group: Legal & General focuses on managing its business at a high level, improving the lives of its clients, protecting the environment, creating new investments for the economy and helping communities by leveraging the group`s financial solutions. The renowned group writes a letter to leading oil and gas insurer Legal & General will continue to share information about you with rating agencies, including your settled accounts and any debts that have not been fully repaid on time. Credit rating agencies share your information with other organizations. Your data will also be linked to the data of your spouse, any co-applicant or other financial collaborators. The right to force us to delete any personal data we hold about you. This right only applies if, for example: In her role as a telephone account manager, she supports advisors and clients on their path to retirement. He joined the phone account management team in February 2022. When you request a product or receive a service from us, the application form you complete or the resulting contract may contain additional terms relating to how we use and process your personal data. These are in addition to the uses described in this document.

Relay assistants are committed to privacy and any details you share with them, such as identification data or financial information, are safe and secure. Here is a summary of the process you will follow when quoting and applying for our pension online. Kieran has been working in the financial services industry for over 20 years. He joined Legal & General in 2014. He joined Retirement Income in 2018 after working for our insurance company. In addition, we may share your personal data with third parties: we continue to prioritize requests relating to bereavement, the establishment of spousal pensions and data modification. All of our lines are open, although we may occasionally change our hours of operation so that our team can take care of other essential services. The term “pension” can be used to refer to either the amount you have saved in your pension fund through personal or occupational pensions, or the state pension paid by the government. Manage your pension online with My Account. View your policies, view payments and update your personal information with our easy-to-use online account.

Kieran leads our teams of Cardiff-based telephone account managers and broker quote specialists Wilson has held numerous leadership positions over the years, including Chair of the Investment Association`s Executive Compensation Review and the Mission Led Business Government Review from 2016 to 2017. He was also a commissioner on the Resolution Foundation`s Intergenerational Commission and a member of the Patient Capital Review Industry Panel from 2017 to 2018. You can start your retirement by using our calculator and learning about our retirement products. Andy works with our Director of Strategic Partnerships, manages relationships with our strategic partners and is also responsible for our relationships with annuity traders. In some cases, we may use software or systems to make automated decisions (including profiling) based on personal data we have or collect from others. These may include: Call them, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. MDG can record and monitor calls.

If fraud is detected, you may be denied certain services, finances or employment. For more information on how your data is used by us and these fraud prevention agencies, please visit this link, Any unexpected increase in mortality rates would “unfortunately” benefit the company. During this time, she was involved in significant changes, including simplification, RDR and pension freedoms.