Legal Fact Pattern Example

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A diagram or factual situation is a summary of the most important facts of a particular legal case, presented without any related discussion of their legal consequences. [1] Model facts are an important component of law school examinations, where students must identify relevant facts from the scenario presented, and then summarize and synthesize the law as the model of fact suggests. [2] For example, at common law: “Murder is the murder of another human being with intent and without justification or excuse.” The elements of the crime are murder (actus reus) and malice, i.e. deliberate action (mens rea). Possible defenses include legal justification (e.g., self-defense) or apologies (e.g., no mens rea due to legal insanity). The totality of the facts can be analysed to determine whether the constituent elements are present and, if so, what defence options are available to the accused, such as in the present case the right of self-defence and the absence of an obligation to retire to one`s own home (“castle doctrine”). Some course information and assignments can be accessed from your course`s Blackboard page. Important points to keep in mind when using this guide: This guide is intended as a quick reference to selected content from your basic legal research course package to help you review the course content and complete your assignments.