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CHAMPS Clinic is a collaboration between the School of Law, USC School of Medicine, Prisma Health Medical Group, and South Carolina Legal Services. CHAMPS offers law students the opportunity to work on legal matters that impact children`s health. Students work on their cases in collaboration with doctors, social workers and other health professionals. The CHAMPS Clinic offers students the opportunity to learn in an interdisciplinary manner in the context of live legal cases with clients. Students take on legal matters on behalf of low-income children and families referred by Prisma Health Medical Group. These cases address the social determinants of client health and include ISS, Medicaid, housing conditions, SNAP, and end-of-life planning issues. Law students work alongside doctors, social workers, and other health professionals on their legal affairs. Students also have the opportunity to visit Prisma Children`s Hospital to learn from physicians how to understand clients` patient records, participate in patient rounds, hold discharge planning and ethics conferences. In addition to casework, the course includes a seminar component where students learn teaching, theory, legal skills, and guidelines relevant to their case work. Tags: English, Legal representation, iCN internal distribution, Estate planning, Power of attorney, Entrepreneurship, LawChamps, Google News, Extended distribution, Equity, Drew Koven, Advocacy, Attorney, Jennifer McGlone, Family Law, IPS, Legal Technology, Mike Muse, Financial Content, Reportstimes, Legal Technology, Equal Justice, Legal Newswire. “LawChamps is the growth engine of my clients and the reputation of my practice. Great results and incredible support” -Beilal Chatila, Esq “It would be hard to overestimate the impact of the CHAMPS clinic on my professional and personal development. This program provided me and my classmates with the opportunity to acquire both substantive law and practical skills in an interactive environment.

In addition, I was able to serve the community in a meaningful way and felt that my work helped create a positive change in the lives of our clients. Such an effect cannot be found anywhere else in the curriculum. My only regret is that I wish more of the law school had looked like my experience with the CHAMPS clinic. “Through the clinic, I was able to interview the client`s needs and advocate for their needs by working interdisciplinary with physicians, teachers and social work students, researching resources applicable to my client`s problems, solving problems with my colleagues and, finally, confirming the facts to better support my client`s reasoning and achieve their goals. THE WINNERS was an incredibly rewarding experience that allowed me to practice my advocacy skills while providing valuable services to the community and impacting the lives of underrepresented people. Matching with our lawyers is free! Our service is easy to use. Start protecting who and what matters most.