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“We usually call on the Wolf Theiss team for complex competitive work in Bulgaria (agreements with local contractors, new systems for the market, negotiations). We value the team for their expertise and versatile thinking. They are very knowledgeable legally, but also have excellent industry and business knowledge and can guide us through the specifics of the local market and relevant bodies. They see the big picture and their advice is not theoretical, but will always provide a viable solution. “Our cooperation with the Wolf Theiss construction team is based on great trust and works well in all respects. Not only do they have extensive legal knowledge in the construction industry, but they also have a deep understanding of the technical side of our business. We can always rely on their practical experience and track record in dealing with construction and infrastructure issues. Their network is truly remarkable and extremely useful in managing our affairs. Our strength lies in our truly integrated regional approach, which helps us provide our clients with seamless and comprehensive advice wherever they are. We regularly work on significant cross-border transactions, including all legal aspects, and help our clients grow their business in the region. Thus, we have managed to become the leading law firm for many international clients investing in Central and Eastern Europe/EES, as well as for local clients developing their business activities. “Our legal counsel (Leopold Hoeher) is always available for a call and responds to emails extremely quickly, usually understanding the client`s requirements and needs. He and his team are good at explaining their country`s legal requirements and giving pragmatic rather than dogmatic advice.

“Dalibor works hard and provides quality service. His real strength lies in the practical advice he gives and his ability to explain to non-Slovak lawyers how the legal system works. Bruno Štefánik leads and coordinates an experienced and competent team of experienced lawyers. He manages mandates in a professional manner and can meet tight deadlines. In addition, he is extremely engaged and is always available to his clients. It has a reliable team with an excellent user-friendly approach. “We have been working with WT for many years, as WT can provide first-class advice in all key areas that concern us. “High quality of legal advice and knowledge. Clear communication. Adaptation to customer needs. Diverse team. “The team is cohesive and for our organization, consistency in our legal service providers is critical.

They are always responsive when needed and always cost conscious given our financial landscape. All requests are handled with the utmost professionalism, regardless of the proposed deadlines for the expected returns. I can`t blame them at all and will be using the company in the years to come. “They have a very balanced litigation team with experience in international litigation and arbitration. As members of a global law firm, they can leverage the resources of their other offices and provide complex legal services that take into account the specificities of different legal systems. Your real advice is well thought out and explained. Their advice is commercial, not just legal. The team is extremely friendly and responsive. “Their use is not only a guarantee of excellent legal advice, but also a sound business decision. “Wolf Theiss has supported us in a variety of complex competitive compliance issues.

Our long-standing collaboration with Anca Jurcovan, Head of Competition Law, has distinguished herself by her in-depth knowledge of our company, her experience and her commitment. Anca is an industry leader, with an open-minded approach and the ability to always look at the big picture of business strategy while being careful with the details of legal work.