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With the third film coming up, there`s no better time to start the iconic Legally Blonde movement of “Bend and Snap!” Enjoy! With Legally Blonde often hailed as one of the biggest and funniest comedies, it`s no wonder fans have been eagerly awaiting news of a trio. Fortunately, we all got our wish. The franchise is expected to return to the big screen with a third film, nearly 20 years after the release of Legally Blonde 2. After years of speculation and teasing, Deadline reported in May 2020 that Legally Blonde 3 had been given the green light. The outlet confirmed that Witherspoon will return as a blonde lawyer defending herself against Catcalls and won`t advocate for a sister sister to be wrongly accused of murdering her husband — after all: “Happy people don`t kill their husbands!” “I haven`t spoken to Reese about it, but yes, I still hear rumors here and there,” he said. “It`s never an official thing for them to do another `Legal Blonde`, but I`d love to do another one. I mean, just this character that Reese was playing was so funny back then, and it`s kind of become this iconic character now. We all loved Jennifer Coolidge as Paulette, obvi, and it seems like there`s a chance Jennifer will return — Reese gave some information about the film in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in 2019, saying there will be familiar faces and that “it will be Jennifer Coolidge`s return that`s the greatest.” We love hearing it!!! In June 2018, Reese revealed that Legally Blonde 3 was in the works with an Instagram video in which she was lounging on a pool float in a pink sequined bikini. “That`s right,” she wrote next door, because two words and a three-second clip were really enough to announce the return of such an iconic film. “I love Jennifer Coolidge, Luke Wilson and Selma Blair and there are so many great characters that people love,” Reese told Entertainment Tonight. Kaling took to social media after the news, saying, “Finally a use for my Elle Woods fanfiction! So excited to be reunited with my friends [Reese Witherspoon, Lauren Neustadter] and Dan Goor to work on this film. Elle Woods is so iconic and proves that you can be girly and smart at the same time. Bend down and catch people! Since then, more details and information about what`s next have slowly come out.

The author of The Whiskey in a Teacup noted that the fandom of the original film is something she didn`t expect, and she also didn`t think it would inspire so many women to become lawyers. Pretty in pink! Legal Blonde`s box office success, cult following, and fans` enduring love for Elle Woods led to a successful sequel — and now Legally Blonde 3 is in the works. Here`s everything we know about Legally Blonde 3 — including the brand new release date and OG cast members reportedly returning — ahead of its theatrical release. Original producers Marc Platt and Adam Siegel will work on the film. Witherspoon will also produce the film with his production company, Hello Sunshine. There is currently no word on who will direct the film. “Reese and Lauren Neustadter produce with Marc Platt. We are all developing it together. What does Elle Woods look like at 40? She is a mother with a thriving career. We look forward to seeing the scenario in the first quarter [2022]. Looks like “Legally Blonde 3” is still an essay! Here`s everything you need to know about the third part of the film. “I love the franchise so much,” Kaling told Access in January 2021.

“I love Elle Woods as a character and when Reese asked me to write it, I thought, `Absolutely!` The 2022 release date was announced by MGM Studio in October 2020. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in November 2021, MGM head Pamela Abdy was asked to reveal what she knew about Legally Blonde 3. One thing is certain: whoever said that movies were easy to make was seriously worried. In 2018, Witherspoon Entertainment told Tonight that they had a meeting where they discussed “all the new plot points and all the characters, some recurring characters and new characters”. She continued: “I feel like these characters are my friends, so I protect them. I would never do the mediocre and mediocre version of their story. In the 2003 sequel, Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde, the now qualified lawyer She moved to Washington DC to advocate for animal rights and fight for Bruiser`s Law (named after her popular Chihuahua) banning makeup testing on animals. Although it was initially reported that McCullah and Smith, the writers of the original 2001 film – but not the 2003 sequel – would take over the script, that changed in May 2020 when Mindy Kaling from Never Have I Ever and Dan Goor from Brooklyn Nine-Nine were announced as writers. But after a long delay, MGM has announced that the film will be released in May 2022! And Deadline also reported that Jamie Suk will direct the film.

Besides Witherspoon and Coolidge, there are rumors that Alanna Ubach will return, while Serena and Jessica Cauffiel will reprise the role of Margot. We officially know when the third film will be released in theaters. During a virtual casting reunion of Legally Blonde with Witherspoon, Jennifer Coolidge (Paulette Bonafonté), Selma Blair (Vivian Kensington), Jessica Cauffiel (Margot), Matthew Davis (Warner Huntington III), Ali Larter (Brooke Taylor Windham), Holland Taylor (Professor Stromwell), Alanna Ubach (Serena McGuire) and Luke Wilson (Emmett Richmond), a release date was confirmed. Legally Blonde 3 will be released in May 2022. Then it was scheduled to be released in May 2020, but we were in the middle of the pandemic at the time, so it makes sense that the film didn`t come out. Ho hum. Again from Deadline`s report: The third film will likely continue with the message of women`s empowerment, which is especially important given the current climate in Hollywood and beyond. Kaling confirmed her involvement in the project in May 2020 by sharing a photo of herself recreating one of Elle`s looks and posting a screenshot of the Deadline article. Then, with all the chaos of 2020, the film was postponed to May 2022. For the film`s 20th anniversary, Witherspoon once again paid tribute to his beloved alter ego, making fans even more excited about the upcoming third film. Legally Blonde 3 would be the first Witherspoon-directed film in the franchise since 2003`s Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde.

(Legally Blondes was released in 2009, but did not play Witherspoon.) Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) returns to the big screen. finally. A post shared by MGM Studios (@mgmstudios) (opens in a new window) In a recent interview with, Kaling spoke about the “really difficult” task of bringing Elle Woods into the 2020s. “Elle Woods is such an iconic character and is so loved,” Kaling explained. “Normally, I don`t think I would find it really funny because the expectations are set.