Indiana Legal Hunting Equipment

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The trees can be used to hunt deer during all deer hunting seasons. It is illegal to establish or evict a permanent blind on state or state-leased land. Portable tree stands may be used on state or state leased land, U.S. Forest Service lands, and Muscatatuck, Patoka River, and Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge lands. Trees can only be left overnight at noon from September 15 to January 10. Additional cartridges that are legal under HEA 1231 include, but are not limited to: “We are currently developing a yes or no list of specific cartridges that will be legal and illegal under the new law,” Bloom says. It is illegal to use dogs or other pets to take deer. Dogs can only be used on a leash to hunt or chase injured deer. Hunters are allowed to carry more than one type of legal firearm if they hunt only during the firearms, juveniles, and reduction zones (in areas where local ordinances allow the use of a firearm). INDIANA (WFIE) — The Department of Natural Resources has clarified recent legislation legalizing certain rifles for deer hunting in Indiana during the 2016 season.

Read on to learn more about Indiana`s hunting laws, including data on what animals you can hunt, what weapon you can use, how to get a hunting license, regulations for stripping wildlife with a hunting knife, and more. • Specifies equipment that can be used during a season with a specific license. Hunters, including those using archery equipment, must meet the requirements of the hunter orange when hunting deer during the following seasons: Firearms (12th to 27th to 27th century). November 2022), muzzle loader (December 3-18, 2022) and deer reduction (November 12, 2022 – January 31, 2023 in deer reduction areas). Using infrared sensors or electronic calls from deer to find or take deer with you is illegal. It is also illegal to hunt or retrieve deer using an infrared sensor, or to hunt deer while possessing an electronic call from the deer. To the extent permitted by local regulations, legal deer hunting archery equipment may be used in reduction areas from September 15, 2022 to January 31, 2023. For other types of hunting during hunting, start hunting here. For resident and non-resident licences and fees, learner`s hunting licences, lost licences and more, click here. Few people in the state`s deer hunting community seem to know why he introduced this law or who pushed it. One hunter, who asked not to be identified, said the law “just came out of nowhere,” adding: “A lot of people don`t want guns during deer season.” However, Arnold says it was nothing more than the result of conversations with friends and other deer hunters.

The deer reduction zone season runs from September 15, 2022 to January 31, 2023. The catch limit for reduction areas is 10 deer, only one of which may be provided with antlers. People hunting in a designated reduction area and attempting to reach the boundaries of the reduction area must hunt a deer without antlers before killing a deer with antlers (also called “earn a dollar”). The requirement to earn one dollar only applies to the baggage limit of the discount area. The reduction zone boundary is in addition to all other harvest restrictions (see Deer Seasons, Permits and Equipment). Recent legislation legalizing certain rifles for deer hunting, which begins later this year in Indiana, has raised questions about which calibers and cartridges are allowed under the new law. No cartridge with a bullet diameter between .243 and .308 is legal (such as the .270 Winchester); A hunter may not have more than 10 rounds of this type in the field. If you have any further questions, you can check out the Deer Hunting FAQ here. The opening season is only a few weeks away for most of the United States. This is an exciting time of year for experienced hunters and beginners alike. But before you set off on your first hunt, make sure you know Indiana`s hunting laws and regulations.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources came up with the idea of legalizing rifles for deer hunting in 2014. The agency allowed athletes to comment on it on the agency`s website, and DNR spokesman Phil Bloom said most of the 400 comments about rifles for deer hunting were in favor. However, when MNR held public hearings and hunters had the opportunity to raise the issue with the Commission, there was little consensus. Shotguns, handguns, rifles with legal cartridges, muzzle-loading long guns, muzzle-loading handguns and air rifles are legal during gun season. Only muzzle-loading firearms are legal during muzzle-loading season. Firearms with silencers can be used to catch deer in accordance with federal law. For more information on other hunting gear you can use, click here. • 10 mm cartridges also legal (e.g.

10mm and .40 B&W car hunters attempting to comply with the reduction zone boundaries must have a resident deer, hunter or juvenile trap reduction zone, a full lifetime hunting/fishing license, or a license exemption. The license package is not valid when working towards the baggage limit of the discount zone.