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In March, the company announced a major leadership change, replacing founding CEO Brian Lee with Nick Vlahos, who was previously chief operating officer of Clorox (CLX). That never happened. A potential sale to consumer goods giant Unilever, which the company is due to investigate last September, was also not possible. Unilever (UL) instead took over rival Seventh Generation. If you like Honest, the company offers a subscription service through which you will automatically receive Honest bestsellers at your address. Simply choose your favorites, subscribe to autoship and save on each product. You can choose the shipping date and delivery frequency that suits you best. Honest baby wipes are made in China, as are tea towels and diaper boxes. The company`s diapers are manufactured by an American company in a factory in Mexico. This profile has not been claimed by the company. Check out the reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. I used to use Honest corporate layers, but recently they`ve changed them.

They now have a line to show if they are wet and have strange burrs in the diapers. My daughter now has a rash and they lick each other. I never had any problems with their old diapers. I wish they hadn`t changed it. Do not recommend. “We have teams that work closely with all of our partners to ensure that every part of the manufacturing process meets honest standards,” the company said. With the help of its co-founders, Alba has built a successful consumer goods business that was recently valued at over $2 billion after its successful IPO in 2021. I use the orange vanilla body lotion with the orange vanilla shower gel. I like the fact that it`s gentle on my sensitive skin and paraban-free. Six months ago, I had open heart surgery, and it worked wonderfully! I`ve been using honest baby underwear and lotions for years, I even have my sisters who use them.

I recommend this baby lotion and baby cloth for older women. It has a light scent and feels wonderful on your skin! Thank you Jessica for making an amazing product, you need to promote it to older women or people undergoing surgery who need a gentle product! I love it! I bought 2 types of formula before baby was born. Regular seemed fine, but sensitive caused big problems, which seems strange as it was marketed “for occasional clumsiness and gas” and always caused all of the above plus diarrhea. I kindly approached the company to see if others were having any problems, perhaps because of the corn syrup in the product. No one answered. After a few weeks, I decided to follow up because I noticed that both formula products had suddenly disappeared – completely unavailable anywhere online. So, basically, settled. I contacted them again and got very bad answers. Basically, it was said that they stopped selling because of the license, which sounds like a lie or excuse and as ridiculous as it sounds, didn`t acknowledge my initial question referenced by Ticket# for them AND in the thread. Second, they did not claim any problems or propose any solutions. Alba, who has two daughters aged five and nine, founded The Honest Company in 2012 as a consumer goods company that combines smart design with a growing market for organic products.

The company Playa Vista, California, started with 17 home products sold only online. I ordered a gift card that never arrived. It took many phone calls between Honest and FedEx to get to the bottom of the problem. We never did it because the company did not want to work with the shipping company to solve a solution. Eventually, they reluctantly credited my account because it was easier than understanding it. Never again. I ordered the diaper subscription, it came without wipes. I had the race for several days and sent a return label (which makes no sense). It was only afterwards that I said, “If you are no longer accredited by the Better Business Bureau, you should remove their seal from your website.” I also asked why they are no longer accredited, and they obviously did not answer that question. This company sucks. I probably had a terrible review, you can`t even see their reviews on bbb anymore. So sad.

I will contact bbb to let them know how fraudulent this company is. So sad. My family has been using Honest Company products with 2 children for 4 years since my wife Jamee discovered the company 6 months after the birth of our eldest, Kenzie. We have both come to appreciate the company`s mission and commitment to natural and eco-friendly products. Now, Honest has more than 100 products and reached $300 million in revenue in 2016, according to the company. It has launched a line of natural cosmetics and its products are available in a number of physical stores such as Target (TGT) and Nordstrom (JWN). As of August 2015, the company was valued at $1.7 billion after raising $100 million from investors. Rumors of an IPO abounded. I then told him that I still wanted to return the items because this company is unethical. She then takes a screenshot of the policy and tells me that hand sanitizer is non-refundable! So you can take a screenshot of your policy if it benefits you, but if a customer sees a screenshot of the discount applied and you have collected a different amount, can you correct this? For a Jessica Alba company, I expect better and will never buy anything from this company again. Lexi actually interrupted the conversation about me. All buyers have a 90-day right of return on the site.

Refunds will be processed in the original method of payment. You can cancel and request a return by accessing the order history in your account. Note that refunds may take up to 10 days. If you have any complaints or questions regarding store location, payment, cancellation, refunds or otherwise, please contact Honest Support. On December 26, I placed my first order with this company for dry detergent and rags. I was delighted to find the company and the products. Two days later, they received a message informing them that they had been extradited. We were at home and had cameras on our porch. They have NOT been delivered. I tried to find a number, which took a long time – but I finally did and called her. Their customer service representative told me, “FedEx often says they delivered things when they didn`t, so I should wait a few days for FedEx to deliver them.” The next day, I filled out a ticket at the company and received an automatic reply.

Long story short, we exchanged many emails over several weeks, to no avail, — most of the time I received emails in response: “I`m glad your problem has been resolved.” We are now only a few days ago and I have called customer service again. At first, they said they had to reach FedEx and they would call me. I called back and offered to wait on hold until I got a response – they told me they would issue a refund. No refund. I called back and they explained that it was a credit note, not a refund and that it would be added when I got to the checkout part of the cart and had cold ordered the items with the credit. I tried, but 1) the same items were now more expensive than what the loan would cover – and – 2) there was no balance on my account. Another disappointing communication with customer service – where I asked them to reship the items or refund my credit card. The woman on the phone told me she would do some research and call me – I asked her to leave a message on my phone – which she assured me. She called – but left no message. The only response I received was a message that my “subscription” would be cancelled on the 23rd. and I will be charged at that time.

So, at the end of the day, I still have no product, no credit and no refund — but it seems like I`m registered now to get ripped off monthly. I now have two issues that I would like to address. Grrrrrr recalls have also been an issue lately. Last month, the company recalled baby wipes “by a plethora of precautions” after discovering mold in some packaging. The company also recalled its baby powder in January because it was concerned it could cause “skin or eye infections.” It feels like The Honest Co. has removed more than its fair share of barriers over the past decade. And while some of the customer complaints and lawsuits were based on legitimate issues, others were dismissed out of hand. The baby food case was dismissed by a judge in December.

Claims about the company`s sunscreen are still being negotiated. However, to cancel this subscription, customers had to call the company and possibly wait waiting. While this isn`t a big misstep, it has proven to be irritating and problematic for many customers. Why it`s important: It`s easy to dismiss these deals as hype, but there are a few reasons why I support Alba`s company. First of all, Alba was one of the first to do so – before the influx of celebrity entrepreneurs began, she founded Honest Company with intentions that should seem understandable to most parents – Alba`s business story makes sense. As a new mom, she wanted her kids to use natural, eco-friendly baby products and couldn`t find them. No matter how you feel about her intentions, her personal story matches the brand she created. I made an online purchase for baby wipes and shower gel. The order took a little longer than expected, but was understandable due to Covid-19. Eventually, I received the shipment, but the car wash was missing. I contacted the support to see if the shower gel was separated or if it had been forgotten.

In any case, it was requested that the body be sent as soon as possible. When customer service sent me an email, they sent me an email with a return label. No explanation, no excuses, just a label and refund information. I told them that I had no product to return and that I did not want a refund but my product as soon as possible because I had already waited 2 weeks.