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For example, the corporation form defines whether the entrepreneur is liable for debts with his personal assets or whether personal assets are completely separate from the company`s obligations. The status must therefore be chosen according to the nature of your activity. It is also one of the most important parameters of the selection. It should be noted that while some activities require a specific legal form, others do not. The legal form of the company defined is for the preparation of the articles of association. To create this company in this legal way, you must contact the service counters of the Institute of Documents and the notary. Sole proprietorship (SOE) is legal in nature and covers companies founded solely by the owner (without partners). Of all the decisions to set up a company, the legal form of the company and the tax system are the most important decisions. Sometimes the size of the company is defined based on criteria such as billing and the number of employees. Just as the choice of the legal form of the company is important for management, the choice of tax regime is also important because it avoids the risk of imposing incorrect or unnecessary taxes on the tax. b) but that at other times and increasingly frequently and intensively, the company is operated by a more or less important group of companies, which is a multi-company company, a group company or a group of companies [2]On this distinction, Mr. Engrácia Antunes, the groups of companies. Structure and legal organization of the multi-group company, in particular page one.

33-46 and Ana Perestrelo of . Read on. The company, which was created with the legal form of the individual constitution of a limited liability (E.I.R.L.), has the following characteristics: The different legal forms existing today are the “sole proprietorship”, the “commercial company” and the “civil company”. Several steps are essential to start a business. Among the mandatory and not negligible is the choice of legal form. The choice of legal status is not so easy, because there are several options. Each has its own peculiarities, advantages and disadvantages. That`s why it`s important to ask yourself the right questions before making your choice. This article will help you better understand the concept in a legal way. As the name suggests, your liability in this form of business is limited to the amount you contribute through capital.

A limited liability company is a separate legal entity from its shareholders, directors and officers. The liability of members is limited to the amount paid or not, which is issued in share capital. 13.3) Under certain conditions, they may operate businesses, e.g. retirement homes: shareholders or partners may be both entrepreneurs (individuals) and other businesses (legal persons). In the Sociedade Simples Pura, there is no separation between the personal property of the partners and the assets of the company, while the Simple Limited Society guarantees this distinction. The “almost pure” civil society is a company which:i) has as its exclusive object the exercise of non-civil (non-commercial) acts (see: commercial acts),ii) does not take the commercial form,iii is subject exclusively to the artistic regime. 980-1021 of the Civil Code,iv), but has been registered in the Central Archives of Legal Persons (as such, i.e. as a legal person) – this company has full legal personality and is therefore a legal person in its own right.

Conversely, if the registration is not registered, it is a civil society pure or simple. The auditor assists the entrepreneur in tax administration, such as the appropriate choice of the legal form of the company. Therefore, we clearly explain what the legal nature is and help you formalize your business. The Corporation (SA) is a company whose capital is divided into shares. The company, like the previous one, may not carry out any activity of providing services, but only commercial, industrial or ordinary (non-intellectual) services. A commercial company must be incorporated by two or more partners and is governed by commercial law and bankruptcies are subject to bankruptcy. A commercial company can be types: In this context, it is also important to note that the enterprise organization of factors of production intended for the exercise of an economic activity: As in Employment Insurance, the assets of the enterprise are separated from the private sector and various activities are allowed in the industrial, commercial and service sectors. Brazilian business legislation determines the types of legal form of the company for those who wish to enter the Brazilian market through economic activity. Confraternities of Mercy (or Holy Houses of Mercy) may operate businesses if and to the extent necessary or expedient for the pursuit of their objectives. This is among us the paradigmatic case of the Confraternities of Mercy, which use retirement homes and/or retirement homes with common areas. Companies may also be operated by legal persons governed by public law, in particular entities that are part of the public enterprise sector (PES). This includes:– the State Enterprise Sector (SEE);– the Local Enterprise Sector (SEL);– the Madeira Autonomous Region Business Sector (SERAM); e– Public enterprises sector of the Autonomous Region of the Azores (SPERAA).

The body responsible for the cooperative sector in Portugal is© the Social Economy© Cooperative, which provides all the necessary information on cooperatives. It can be taken over by companies whose turnover does not exceed R$4.8 million per year. These are companies or firms set up by persons exercising an intellectual profession of a scientific, literary or artistic nature, even if they have auxiliary staff or collaborators, unless the exercise of the profession constitutes an element of an undertaking. Example: Two persons who open an accounting consulting office form a simple company, registrar in the register of legal persons. Legal nature, also known as business type, is a form of classification that determines the structure and operation of an enterprise or public body. (b) as non-traders, that is to say, individual entrepreneurs who habitually, alone and for profit carry out an economic activity which is not legally classified as commercial. That is the case, in particular, of a natural person who carries out an agricultural activity alone and with economic gain, that is to say, in the context of an organisation (even rudimentary or nascent) of factors of production intended for the exercise of an economic activity. The legal form of the company must inform everything about the structure, such as the creation, development and interaction of these with their partners.

Therefore, the status can only affect the field of activity. For these and others, you need to know at least the most commonly used legal forms on the market to be safer. Real Profit Scheme – this tax system is the most complex, as it is defined by the accounting profit of the company. It is advantageous for companies whose profit margin is less than 32% of gross sales and is mandatory for certain types of companies. The subscription is the promise of the shareholder to provide a certain amount of funds for the constitution of the share capital in cash or assets. The legal form refers to the legal framework of an economic activity. It is also known as legal status. It lays down all the rules governing the company`s activities. Therefore, it is important to choose it well because it can have several effects on your business. Indeed, the legal form chosen has a significant impact on the tax regime of the company and its managers. It can also affect the social regime of the structure. Below are simple features of each legal form of the company: Like EIRELI, it confiscates personal property from the company`s assets, but with one advantage: no minimum capital is required to shape the business.

The importance in choosing the legal form of the company is fundamental and must be well defined, because it is about the protection of its assets, the protection of assets. Partnerships are effectively collections of sole proprietors and, therefore, there are legal issues related to personal liability. There are few restrictions on starting a business with another person (or people) in partnership and several concrete benefits. By raising resources, you can have more capital. Companies in the objective sense – several legal forms: It is important that you know what is happening in the Brazilian market so that your business is affected. So, have you figured out what is legal? You are now ready to open a free business and see how it works in practice.