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Someone who does any of these things can be charged with California`s offense of providing dangerous fireworks to a minor. Safe and healthy fireworks may be purchased and used by the public if local fire safety regulations permit and subject to strict restrictions. As a general rule, dangerous fireworks may only be owned and used by persons holding a special exhibition licence. Unlisted cities in Orange County prohibit the use of all fireworks and many impose heavy fines for their use. Possession of illegal fireworks can result in a fine of $1,000 or more, Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes noted. They also have a range of information here. There is a PDF you can download that contains a list of approved fireworks by looking at the “Safe & Sane Fireworks Book” page However, it is 88 pages long. From what I`ve read, if the fireworks you have have a safe and healthy fireworks seal, you should be able to use them in the cities mentioned above. This penalty does not apply to drivers who trade under a valid fireworks licence or licence.53 It is an administrative offence to sell, donate or supply dangerous fireworks to minors. It may be punished with the same penalties as described above (depending on the amount). The best legal defense against fireworks fees in California depends on the charges and the circumstances of the case. But it is often a question of declaring that the defendant was not the one who had sold or owned the fireworks.

The consequences of a Violation of California fireworks can be a seizure of the firecracker47 and criminal charges for misdemeanor. Penalties for criminal charges may include: California fireworks laws also prohibit advertising for the sale or transmission of any type of fireworks by anyone who does not have a valid license or permit to do so.39 “You may possess safe and reasonable fireworks, no matter where you are,” Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said in a previous interview. But you can only use them in [cities that allow them]. Unincorporated Orange County is not included in this list. But even “safe and healthy” fireworks can`t be sold: ORANGE COUNTY, CA – In dry conditions, Orange County emergency responders are warning everyone to be wary of the dangers of using fireworks as the fourth of July approaches. Stanton: Safe and healthy fireworks in the city are permitted from noon to 10 p.m. on July 1 and from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. from July 2 to 4. Approved fireworks can only be used on private residential properties and only from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. on July 1 and 4.

If you are charged with a crime, you have legal rights protected by the U.S. Constitution as well as the laws of California. After arrest, you need to know your rights. Here are five things you need to know if you think the police have violated your rights. You have the right to: California Health and Safety Code 12529 HS describes fireworks as “safe and healthy.” These are defined as all fireworks that have not been classified as “dangerous” or “exempt”.12 These fireworks generally comply with California fireworks laws. But causing damage or injury with otherwise legal fireworks could violate another law, such as: Independence Day is fast approaching and we will answer all your questions regarding the use of firecrackers throughout the valley. Their “You Light It, We Write It” campaign holds people accountable for all the costs of starting a fire with illegal fireworks. Minors with such permission can legally own fireworks in California. But parents are responsible for any injury or damage caused by their children. Different California fire departments have different rules for “safe and healthy” fireworks. It`s important to check your city`s specific fireworks regulations. And cities that allow the sale of fireworks limit the use of state-approved varieties — they have a special seal so you can say it — everything else is illegal and can result in a hefty fine.

Even though fireworks are legal in your city, they pose a great risk to life and property. 🚫 Know the risks, know the law and practice fireworks safety. To find fireworks near you, visit our website in 🎇 California has separate rules for “dangerous fireworks” and “safe and reasonable” fireworks. For example, ALL fireworks, with the exception of small “caps” and “party poppers,” are illegal in unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County. Other items may only be used by persons with a valid issuance permit. (See Los Angeles Fire Code, Title 32, Section 5601.3). If someone causes a fire as a result of the use of illegal fireworks, prosecutors could also bring the following charges: And, unlike many other laws, a separate violation of California`s fireworks laws can be charged for every day someone commits, continues, or permits a violation.50 SH 12677 does not apply to the possession of “safe and healthy” fireworks.