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From every place on earth, the Israelites were forced to come and worship [in the temple] (MESS. Because. Respect for temples.) •Ah! maybe I would have . And to bow before his faith, my reason, which ignores him [God], to worship him in the language in which the universe adores him (LAMART. Harold, 39) 4.enjoy qqch (e.g., love, love of cooking; love of cooking). Adoration, Love – Adoration, Adoration, Adoration – Appreciation – Portrait, Image, Statue – Ideal – Attitude, Mentality – Love – Lead Actor, Lead Role – Lover[Hyper.] Sometimes it`s absolutely at work. The Jews worshipped Jã©rusalem and the Samaritans in Samaria. The people of Israel worshipped on the mountains. Eleventh century.— [God] The glorius, que deüsse aürer (Ch.

de Rol. 9)— N`i ad paien, [qui] nel pris [pray] et nel aort (ib. 66)— Touz his idols, whom he worships alone (ib. 185) • I swear to worship only you (LAMART. Med. II, 10) Admirers, worshippers – amiable, amiable – adoration, idolatry, serious stoner, adoration – perfectionist – have appreciation, have consideration, appreciation – respectful – respectful – adoration – respectful [derivative] ADORATION, in particular [Adorã©, 3. Iron. The o is just before the program. Masc. you pray, we worship; Cult etc. © This is well before the silent e and should then be marked with a circ accent. It is, they go.] Worship God. “Only God is to be worshipped.

An ad ́srere the cross of relative worship. “It is a slander to excuse Catholics for worshipping images. — It works sometimes, but only recently, without©gim. The Jews worshipped Jã©rusalem, the people of Israel on the mountains. Worship among the Eastern peoples often showed only a very deep respect that the Prostrernemens felt©©. “Esther adored Assuerus. = There are also exaggerated and abusive discourses about the transports of love and blind attachment or weak submission. “You love me, I love you.” This mother adored her disciples: “This man has the whims of this great man. Worshipping THE golden calf is literally said about submissions to a rich and undeserved© man, alluding to the golden calf that the Israelites worship. © Picard, aorer; Provençal. adorar, azorar; espagn. adorar; Ital.

adorare; D`Adorare, from AD to (See. An) and orare, i.e. bones, mouth (see ORAISON, ORAL). According to some etymologists, adorare means correctly putting in the mouth, kissing, worshipping from there: adorare purpuram principis, introducing oneself to the prince, because when one approached him, one fucked the bottom of his robe. Others, taking into account the meaning of orare speaking, see in adorare only speaking, addressing and finally praying. This last explanation is the simplest. Old French was aorer, following the tendency to remove consonants and bring vowels closer together. The Picard has retained this shape. 9. Proverbial and figurative, worship the golden calf, court a man with a low income, because of his wealth. • He wanted to be worshipped as a god (BOSSUET Hist. III, 4) 3.

Love with passionate love (e.g. worship and the feeling that they exist). • I know how to render a faithful service to the sultans; But I leave it to the vulgar to worship their whims (RAC. Baj. I, 1) Adoration – Adoration – Adoration – Devotee – Respectful – Believe – Adoration, Love of madness, Idolize, Worship – Worship – Religious [Derivative] • If you sit to this highest degree, you must defend yourself there, like the gods on their altars; Remember in all their image and make love the cloud that separates them from mortals (LAMART. ib.) • Let us not worship the hand that takes it away from us (FLÉCH. Aig.) Xvi c.— They will embrace the earth where your bee will go, they will persecute you, they will adore you, their clues will rustle with the buoyancy of your flame (DE BRACH Olimpe.) • And like those kings of dawn, An instinct that my soul ignores, Let me worship a child (LAMART. Medit.

XV) WORSHIP also means showing extraordinary respect by prostrating oneself. Queen Esther worshipped King Assuã©rus. The kings of Persia were venerated. • I do not go to the Louvre to worship happiness (BOILEAU Sat. II) The worship of the cross is said, in a broader sense and in relation to Jesus Christ, speaking of one of the hearts of Catholic worship©©. It is©Good Friday, when the faithful will worship the cross. It is through abuse that we use worship to love much when it comes to objects that we cannot assume sensitive to our worship. Delille says Voltaire loved coffee. Another loves oysters.

Such expressions, speaking seriously, corrupt language. • This princess is venerated by the whole court (SÉV. 418) to delight, to have pleasure, to feast – to enjoy – to worship, to love – to love, to be in love, to be stylized – [Derivative] TO WORSHIP CONSECRATE, WORSHIP, HONOR. To pay tribute, a cult or some kind of cult. Honor is a general term that implies only the tribute that is paid; Adoration, he joins an idea of respectful fear that is not contained in honor; After all, worship contributes to honor, to respectful fear, to the idea of a deep and limitless love. Fifteenth century.— And all men worship him as their God, as long as he has given the advice of the . (FROISS. II, II, 160) • .. Let me go to the tomb to worship your goodness (BUT. Network adapter.

V, 9) Concept of affection for a person [class] ↘ who worships, adores, filled with adoration ≠ hatred, disgust, hatred 2. The cult of the cross is said in reference to J.C. when we speak of one of the ceremonies of Catholic worship. It is also said: relics of worship. • Some who sacrifice their lives to their memory worship an echo they call glory (LAMART. IV, 11) Worshipped© by / venerated© by. Adorã© by = is spoken of a deity© to whom a cult is reproduced. Pharaohs©were revered© by the ancient Egyptians. Adorã© de = much liked© by. A teacher revered© by her©children. → (of/by) worship, glorify, idolize, glorify, honor, worship, worship, serve, worship false gods, idols, etc., worship false gods, idols, etc., worship false gods, idols, etc., worship divinity©. The Israelites©worship the golden calf.

This people loved the sun.