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Let`s take a look at the best way to contact Facebook support. However, in the event of a dispute or suspension of your account, it is essential to contact Facebook by email to receive a response. To personally contact some Facebook employees, you can search for them on Linkedin or Twitter If you try to contact Facebook by email or through a contact form, describe your problem with the details, provide the email address of your account and useful links. Also, there are some email addresses that you can use to contact Facebook support. In most cases, you`ll get an immediate response from an autoresponder, but you can also get an actual response from a Facebook consultant as a follow-up. If you want to contact Facebook, you must first log in to your account. On the desktop website, search in the upper-right corner of the screen. There you will see a down arrow – click on it and select “Help and Support” from the drop-down menu. From there, you can select “Help Center,” “Support Inbox,” or “Report a Problem.” (Editor`s note – Facebook seems to care more about the location of its services, so it`s likely you`ll be contacted by a loved one. This can be ideal for those who don`t feel comfortable using English in their communication.) Sometimes it seems almost impossible to find a way to contact Facebook, especially if your case is quite complicated. Facebook`s legal and technical pages are pretty well built and advanced, so it usually only takes a lot of digging to find a solution to your case. – If you wish to report the infringement of your rights (infringement of your intellectual property, copyright, protection of your trademark, fraudulent account, rogue site, hacked account, abuse and harassment, page and group administrator problems, privacy rights, functional problems, violation of usernames and web addresses…) – If you wish to report a copyright infringement (you are the rights holder or wish to report on behalf of a organization, such as a customer or person). A second form exists.

– If you want to report an infringement or infringement of your rights (copyright or trademark) – If you want to create a report on issues related to your trademark (you have lost access to a group or page, a fake account claims to be your brand or company, you have found content that infringes your copyright, your brand or your legal right, Your account has been hacked, you want to claim a Page for your business…). A second form is available and a third. – If your content was removed as a result of a trademark infringement complaint and you think it should not have been removed. For starters, contacting Facebook customer service isn`t the easiest thing in the world. The probability is that you will receive an automatic reply several times, no messages at all or even contradictory messages. Hopefully, with our ways to contact Facebook support, you will find the right one to solve all your Facebook problems. Good luck! – To contact the Facebook Credit Support Center (report unauthorized PayPal charges, get Facebook payment support if you have a payment problem with game gifts, promoted posts, Shutterfly purchases) – To contact the Facebook Credit Center and report charges It`s worth creating an ad account on each Facebook account – just so you can use the ad contact forms. For logged-in users, the form (before sending) requires you to specify the ad account associated with the profile to which the message will be sent. Discussions with advisors can only be organized by clients who run active campaigns on Facebook. Non-advertisers must fill out a contact form instead. There are many ways to contact Facebook.

Here`s a list of Facebook emails, contact forms, faxes, chats, and Facebook phone numbers + all the useful (and available) contact information related to Facebook customer support, customer service, tech support, ads, and sales support (which is BAD for your information). Here are the links to get a quick response (if you`re lucky): If none of these options work, check if you haven`t contacted Facebook yet and use that contact if you do. How? Using and optimizing method #2 above. The process of contacting Facebook may seem difficult, but it`s not impossible. Only logged-in users can use this option to get in touch with Facebook. If you lose access to your account on this website, you should use other methods to contact Facebook. At some point, Facebook may become buggy and many features will not work properly. You should wait a few hours and only contact support if the situation does not return to normal after this period. In the meantime, you can try to find social media groups – they often have a lot of questions about mistakes, so you can make sure that the problem isn`t just yours. Also check for possible errors on websites like DownDetector.

Read our tutorial with all the phone numbers to contact Facebook by phone In the end, you can use this link to schedule a call with a Facebook marketer. Such a short consultation can answer your questions and you can clarify your needs and doubts for free without contacting Facebook support. – If you want to find all Facebook contact forms to report bugs or report a bug to Facebook – If you want to report a bug to Facebook (if you see an error message while browsing Facebook) – If you want to report a problem on the homepage or News Feed – If you want to report a “Page unavailable” error (“Page not available” message) – If you want to report a search problem on Facebook (you`re having problems with the Search) – If you can`t find a friend or person (if you can`t find someone when you search for it), Facebook live chat support has been missing for many years, but now the company is testing it. US-based creators can contact Facebook (Meta) for any issues they have with Facebook or Instagram. It can be anything from a question about a new feature to concerns about the status of a withdrawal. It may seem intrusive this way, but as they say, it doesn`t matter how something works as long as it works. You may want to search for Facebook employees on LinkedIn or Twitter – perhaps even those you`ve contacted as a Facebook marketing expert. While sending various tweets and messages can be simply intrusive and won`t help you achieve your goal, you may want to engage in discussions with them or reply to their tweets.