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The Witherspoon Law Group is a minority-owned law firm with black lawyers serving Jacksonville with exceptional legal representation. It is the #1 trusted law firm in Florida for serious legal matters and they offer extensive experience in handling high-profile cases reported by the national and international media. Simuel McGill continued to practice in Jacksonville, and the law firm of McGill and McGill became one of the best-known law firms in the country. According to an image from the NAACP publication The Crisis, McGill and McGill had a law library in January 1942 that would have been one of the most comprehensive in the entire state of Florida with more than 2,000 books. Interestingly, in the same photo showing the law library, Mr. McGill was with his assistants, including a young lawyer named William S. Robinson and a young employee named Releford McGriff, who was the nephew of the McGill brothers. ABOUT KELLEY KRONENBERG Kelley Kronenberg is a multi-practice business law firm with more than 400 employees, more than 200 lawyers and 12 offices in Florida and the United States. Founded in 1980, the firm is one of the fastest growing law firms in Florida and one of the largest in the United States. The company serves all types and sizes of public and private businesses, including small businesses and individuals across the country. Kelley Kronenberg was named “America`s Top Corporate Law Firms” by NLJ 500, Law 360,400 and Florida Trend in 2020 by the National Law Journal, Forbes and “Top 10” in NLJ`s 2019 “Women`s Scorecard” as one of the “largest American law firms.” Die Kanzlei erhielt in letzter Zeit viele Auszeichnungen, darunter: « Best Multi-Practice Business Law Firm – USA », Acquisition International; « Business of the Year », « Top 100 Private Companies », « Top Law Firms » et « Biggest Law Firms », South Florida Business Journal; « Größte Anwaltskanzleien », Tampa Bay Business Journal, Orlando Business Journal et Jacksonville Business Journal; « Größte Anwaltskanzleien en Floride », Florida Trend; « Top 100 Anwaltskanzleien », South Florida Business & Wealth; Florida’s Largest Law Firms », American Lawyer’s, Daily Business Review « Review 100; » et « Best Law Firms », U.S. News – Best Lawyers®. Das Unternehmen erhielt den Ragan’s Top Places to Work and Top Workplaces USA Award 2021 von Energage und « Top Workplaces for Communication, Top Workplaces for Clued-In Leaders, Top Workplaces for Top Leaders, and Top Workplaces for Innovation ».

Kelley Kronenberg has also been named “Top Workplace” by Sun Sentinel and “Best Place to Work” by the South Florida Business Journal for two consecutive years. For more information, see A division of the McGill Law Library and McGill in Jacksonville. Considered one of the most complete in the state, this library contains more than two thousand books. Standing on the right, S.D. McGill and his assistants, lawyer William S. Robinson, Releford McGriff and Ms. Mercedes Hart Whitfield, secretary to the McGill prosecutor for the past ten years. Florida: 269522 (1979 – present)Pennsylvania: 27228 (1978 – present) The first black attorney admitted to the Jacksonville bar was Joseph E. Lee.

Admitted in 1873, Lee was also the first black lawyer in Florida to practice law with a law degree. He also served in the Florida Legislature and was a candidate for Lieutenant Governor. In 1888, he was elected a judge of the city of Jacksonville, defeating two white candidates for the office. John Wallace and William F. Thompson were also admitted in 1873 and practiced in Jacksonville from time to time. If you or a loved one has been abused on a property with defective security, you can make a negligent safety claim against the owner of the property where the crime was committed. The personal injury lawyers in the group of jurisdiction Jacksonville serves are familiar with the complexity of these types of cases and can help you manage the process, from filing a claim to presenting evidence to fighting for you in court to get the best outcome. The time after a car accident can be stressful and confusing. There are several steps you should take, including calling 911, exchanging insurance information, and seeking medical help. The next step you should take is to contact a trusted car accident attorney in Jacksonville, FL if you or a passenger has been injured due to someone else`s negligence. Lawyers at Witherspoon Law Group will help you navigate the process, deal with insurance companies, and get appropriate compensation. Daniel Webster Perkins, who had moved to Jacksonville in the Tampa area, wrote an article in the same 1942 issue of The Crisis in which he summarized and evaluated the black Jacksonville professional.

(page 38). It included the following lawyers practising in Jacksonville at the time: J. Leonard Lewis, S. D. McGill, J. P. Muse, D. W. Perkins, R.R. Robinson, and Wm.

S. Robinson. Jacksonville is a bustling large city in northeast Florida that is often referred to as the “riverside city by the sea” thanks to more than 20 miles of uncrowded beaches, as well as 40 miles of proximity to the Intracoastal Waterway Canal and the longest stretch of the St. Johns River. This ideal destination offers residents and tourists the opportunity to explore nature, try exciting eco-adventures and enjoy nature. Jacksonville also offers an extensive network of parks, world-class fishing, historic neighborhoods, coastal cuisine, eclectic museums, a vibrant art scene, and more. The city is conveniently located within a short drive of most of the southeast with access to I-95 and I-10. McGill`s brother, Nathan Kellog McGill, graduated from Boston University Law School in 1912 and practised with his brother in Jacksonville. Nathan McGill was both a lawyer and a journalist after publishing the Florida Sentinel from 1916 to 1920. By this time, white supremacists had completely regained control of Jacksonville`s political scene, and the doors to blacks serving in government had been tightly closed. In 1925, Nathan McGill left Jacksonville for Chicago and was soon appointed assistant attorney general of Cook County, Illinois. If you`ve been involved in a car accident, it`s time to contact those car accident-related personal injury lawyers serving Jacksonville, who will identify with you and fight for you.

Witherspoon Law Group treats every client like a family and has successfully represented many victims of illegal deaths due to negligence. If your loved one or a family member is the victim of an illegal death, you may suffer from depression, unrest, economic loss and general devastation in your family. Hiring a reliable illegal death attorney to serve Jacksonville is the first step in directing you to the closure you deserve. Judson Douglas Wetmore was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1899. With James Weldon Johnson, he founded a law firm in Jacksonville. After Mr. Johnson left Jacksonville in 1901, Mr. Wetmore continued his practice and was eventually elected to the Jacksonville City Council before practicing law in New York City.

He was co-counsel with Isaac Lawrence Purcell and Simuel Decatur McGill in several landmark civil rights decisions before the Florida Supreme Court. Witherspoon Law Group offers locations near Jacksonville with personal injury and illegal death lawyers ready to handle your case. The advocacy group is able to handle a variety of complex civil lawsuits involving aircraft accidents, motor vehicle and truck accidents, construction accidents, labor and product liability, serious injuries, labor accidents, and more. His team, which oversees Florida, has successfully litigated several high-profile cases and is working hard to give their clients the compensation they deserve.