Asuntos Legales Municipio De San Juan

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Your contribution will help protect the rights of children with special needs, victims of domestic violence, survivors of natural disasters, people on the verge of losing their homes and many others who need us to effectively address their most urgent civilian needs. It provides process and support services in cases where groups and communities are involved in economic development, environmental, permitting and other issues. It also provides training on the economic development of the Community and the creation of micro-enterprises. We deal with family, special education, seniors, housing, minors, income security, bankruptcies, veterans, civil rights, community and environmental rights, consumer rights, agricultural workers, among others. Fill out the volunteer form to count on your support at our events. It was an initiative of the Puerto Rican Judiciary whose main objective was to expedite judicial proceedings in cases of juvenile victims of abuse and neglect and in the care of the State. If you have an emergency, call 9-1-1. Our emergency number is 787-480-2222. Our non-emergency number is 787-480-4040. Get ready to help: Check out our checklists to be prepared and prepared for disaster [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Moratorium and Rent Payment Program for Evictions About 50% of Puerto Rico`s population is economically eligible for our services by living in or below the poverty line. We receive funding from federal and state applications and donations to provide the services. It provides legal representation and advice to persons whose first place of residence is threatened with enforcement or is subject to a loss reduction process.

Apply here. The steps are as follows: 1. Fill out the online form 2. The submission begins the process of determining eligibility for service. 3. One of our interviewers for the centralized interview system will call you within the next 2 business days after you make this request. The Office of Citizen Services and Accountability serves as a link between citizens and the Mayor`s Office to find solutions to citizen and community problems. It has the responsibility to guide and accompany the citizens who come to the mayor`s house with sensitivity, speed and care, developing in them a greater sense of commitment and responsibility of citizens. We refer and coordinate with the administrative units of the Municipality of San Juan the claims of citizens and serve as a point of contact for persons or individuals to whom a donation of municipal funds is allocated, or by the Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico. It is the department that specializes in the rights of agricultural workers who emigrate to the United States to work seasonally on farms and in the agricultural industry, or agricultural workers who work on the island. Urban public transport with six initial routes connecting all areas of San Juan. It`s free, fast and reliable.

Your Pon in the capital! He is part of our team of established lawyers who handle cases that Servicios Legales de Puerto Rico cannot represent and expands the alternative services we offer to low-income citizens. Under this program, complaints and/or service requests are received, which are forwarded to various local authorities for resolution. Some of these requests concern: the collection of debris and household waste, renewal, reconstruction of sidewalks, cleaning of sewers and replacement of barbecues, lighting, public nuisances, retaining walls, cleaning of streams, emptying of septic tanks, weeding, abandoned houses, sweeping and cleaning of roads, solar desert, sidewalk markings, security fences, abandoned vehicles, collection of dead animals and reengos, landslides and fumigation, among others. Registration of persons with special needs, in case of emergency. This program allows lawyers in private practice to provide services to our clients for a reduced fee. This program makes our services accessible to people living in remote areas. It provides advice, advice and legal representation to minors in need of special education.