Abjure Definition for Dummies

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The oath implies a firm and definitive rejection or abandonment, often under oath. He had to retract, renounce the teachings he had taught; Not privately, but publicly in front of the world. To give up is to give up, and that applies to something you once believed. You can renounce a religious belief, you can renounce your love for another person, and you can renounce the practice of using excessive force in interrogation. No, my beautiful Olivia, let us never give up love: even when the reign of beauty is over, the reign of grace and feeling remains. Just as a jury vows to render an impartial verdict and a witness vows to tell the truth under the threat of perjury, “those who renounce their past habits” swear to them. Abjuure (as well as jury and perjury) comes from the Latin jurare, which means “to swear” (and this in turn on the root jus, which means “law”), plus the prefix ab-, which means “far away”. Nowadays, we can casually renounce various vices (i.e. abstain), but in the 15th and 16th centuries, the renunciation of something was under oath and sometimes a matter of life and death. For example, during the Spanish Inquisition, individuals had the choice to renounce unacceptable beliefs and be burned at the stake. Mary ostensibly treated her as a sister; however, he refused to renounce his Protestantism. He was forced to give up his most important achievement as governor, his health plan.

In fact, she did not demand that Anjou renounce her faith, but her demands practically included her. Middle English abjuren, borrowed from Anglo-French and medieval Latin; Anglo-French sworn, borrowed from medieval Latin, “to refuse, to renounce (a right or a claim), to swear to stay away”, back to Latin, “to deny the knowledge of the false oath, to reject”, from ab- + jÅ”rÄre “swear” – more at the entrance of the jury 1 To convince Iran to renounce arms, the United States must conclude some kind of agreement. renounce, renounce, swear, revoke, withdraw, withdraw, withdraw one`s word or profess one`s faith. Add abjuure to one of your lists below or create a new one. Haqqani strongly hopes that a decision by the Pakistani military to give up politics could correct these trends. Giving up is a more dramatic way to explain your rejection of something you`ve ever felt or believed. When you see its Latin roots, it makes sense: from ab- (which means “far”) and swear (“curse”). When you reject something, you swear it and walk away from it. You might give up the field of astrology after receiving the misfortune, or you might give up marriage after a bitter divorce.

Two years later, Rosimont died suddenly, without having had time to give up his mistakes. Renunciation can have the meaning of denial or rejection. Retraction emphasizes the withdrawal or denial of something that is confessed or taught. Joshua Stamper`s theme music 2006©New Jerusalem Music/ASCAP retract refers to the withdrawal of a promise, offer or accusation. Forswear can add an implication of perjury or betrayal.